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Artist: Bad Manners Album: Return of the Ugly

Year: 1989
Duration: 17:35

A of Bad Manners' Return of the Ugly

Bad Manners' Return of the Ugly is an album that quickly caught my attention. The British ska band's album was released in 1989 and is a classic example of the genre's third wave in the UK. Bad Manners was formed in the late 1970s and was known for a humorous tone as well as for creating unique music. Return of the Ugly is the band's 8th studio album. In this post, I'll provide an in-depth review of Return of the Ugly.
First, the genre of ska is one that is often misunderstood. It's a musical style that originated in Jamaica in the 1960s and is characterized by its upbeat tempo and heavy use of brass instruments. The British ska movement started in the late 1970s and saw a revival in the 1980s. Bad Manners rose to prominence during this time and was one of the most popular bands in the genre.
The album Return of the Ugly is a classic example of ska music. It has the signature fast-paced rhythm, and heavy use of trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. What sets Bad Manners apart from other ska bands is their humorous tone, which is evident throughout the album. The album features songs with titles like Skaville UK, Fatty Fatty, and Manic Depression, which showcase the band's playful lyrics and melodies.
One of the standout songs on the album is Black Night, a cover of the Deep Purple classic. Bad Manners' version features a ska-infused arrangement, which gives the song a new energy and an exciting feel. Another highlight is Scruffy, the Huffy Chuffy Tugboat, which is a fun and light-hearted song that's perfect for a summertime drive with friends.
While Return of the Ugly is packed with great moments, there are times when the album feels a bit repetitive. The album's biggest downfall is that it starts to sound the same after a while. Some of the songs blend together and lack the individuality that other tracks have. However, this isn't a huge issue, as the album still has its fair share of excellent tracks.
In conclusion, Return of the Ugly is a fantastic album from Bad Manners. It's an important part of ska music history and showcases the band's incredible musicianship and witty lyricism. The album may have some moments of repetition, but it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. If you're a fan of ska music, I highly recommend giving this album a listen. It's a classic, and you won't be disappointed.