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The melancholy of their roots in repetitive sounds and songs. The blues genre, initially ostracized, is diffused in all strata of society, influencing music as a whole. Nothing sets a relaxed, carefree mood better than the sweet and soulful melodies of Blues Music. Whether itÕs a dinner party, wine and cheese night at home or just some solitary time, inviting the mood of the Blues can bring mournful sighs and hearty laughs all of which purifies one's soul. This infinitely beautiful art form has its roots in jazz and spiritual music, evolving over hundred years to bring us those timeless classics we still adore today. From Delta blues to modern bedroom psyche rock, take some time set aside to discover this amazing part of musical history. Take a peak with eyes wide open into the candidness of B.B King emoting heartfelt pain. Go through thousands of infectious curves and end up immersed in waves as Eric Clapton reflects back the testimony about love. Close your eyes for a better picture as Sam Cooke charms us even after multiple decades later. So whatever needs soothing inside or lively attitudes outside, let Blue Music show you what your heartaches truly opened you up for. Blues is a music genre created by Africa-Americans in the South of the United States in the 19th century. It was made by work songs, spirituals, played with a guitar in the typical blues scale.



Sitting in a small bar in Philadelphia, the blues music

Perhaps, chilling, frustrated-free ambiance will be your first impression on hearing the music of blues. For me, hearing blues music make me back to the 20th century. I can imagine I am sitting in the small bar located in Philadelphia, Mississippi and while chilling with a cold beer, I listen to blues music played by the local musicians. That will be a great night! However, the lyrics of the blues music usually concerning love, sadness, and love betrayal and also creates a melancholy nuance. Combined this lyrics with a slow, fascinating music lifted up your post-work burdens during the day, and with the little kick of the alcohol will create the melancholic, stressed-free ambiance. Then, where is this excellent music come from?

Back in the 20th century, this genre is invented by the African-Americans, and it comes from the Southeast USA, to be specific after the American Civil War ended. This genre is initially played by the African American man originated from the Southern United States. It can be seen that the Blues itself have the elements of other music, such as ragtime, church music, and American folksongs. Besides, the blues have a solid relationship with Jazz music, as both of them come from the same ancestor, the African music in the past. The unique aspects of blues music itself are the blue notes, which means the note that the pitch is altered from the western music standard. Usually, in blues, the semitones or quartertones are employed by the musicians, and hence, creating a unique sound. Also, the significant part of blues music is that it uses a specific scale named blues scale, and it also has a particular chord progression that make blues different than the other music. Usually, blues music consists of 12 measures in one song.

There is no exact date for the first appearance of the blues due to the discrimination towards African Americans in US society in all aspects of life. This is why many early blues music and musicians are poorly recorded. However, one of the earliest blues recording entitled The Memphis Blues by W.C. Handy in 1912 and Dallas Blues composed by Hard Wand in the same year. After the emergence, gradually, blues become well known throughout the United States, and even to the world. Of course, many artists and musicians contribute to the fame of the blues genre nowadays. One of the earliest influential legends is Robert Johnson. Even some of the people argue that he is one of the best blues artists of all time. Try to listen to I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom and Sweet Home Chicago to witness this noteworthy early artist. However, my personal best blues musician falls to B.B King. The name really depicts who he is, the King of the Blues! Try to listen to Thrill is Gone and Three O’clock Blues to hear the great guitar melody and improvisation of B.B King and Never Make a Move Too Soon to feel the richness of blues music. Last but not least, listen to Muddy Waters as he is one of the prominent musicians of blues in the post-war era. Listen to his deep masculine voice in his Manish Boy and I Can’t Be Satisfied. Also, witness his spectacular guitar improvisation in Feel Like Goin’ Home.
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