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The very best of boogie-woogie

A selection of the best boogie-woogie artists. For all you boogie-woogie fans out there, weÕve got the cream of the crop! Get ready to dance your way through some amazing tunes with a selection of the very best in boogie-woogie. Choose from a variety of electrifying beat makers, featuring everything from vintage to cutting edge. Groove along with top artists such as Fats Domino, Carrie Jacobs Bond and Earl Hines, just to name a few. Or simply let their foot tapping melodies transport you elsewhere and add some swing to your day. Enjoy tapping into an incredible jukebox full of dynamic sounds that will never have you sitting still for long. So whether youÕre up for a good time or just looking for a break from reality, this collection has it all. Come get down and explore the roots of musical history with our incomparable selection of boogie-woogie!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Pine Top Smith - Jump Steady Blues
2-Pine Top Smith - Pinetop's Blues
3-Henry Brown - Blues Stomp
4-Cow Cow Davenport - The Mess Is Here
5-Cow Cow Davenport - Texas Shout