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A year after their unforgettable weekend at Wembley Stadium, Blur is set to release their highly anticipated live album, "Live at Wembley Stadium," on July 26, 2024. This album captures the magic of their two epic shows in front of 150,000 fans, marking the biggest performances in their 30-year career. Among the highlights are hits like "Parklife" and "Song 2," alongside gems from their latest album, "The Ballad of Darren." Adding to the excitement, a concert film titled "Blur: Live at Wembley Stadium" will hit UK and Ireland cinemas on September 6, offering fans an immersive experience of these historic performances. Don't miss out on this monumental release – it's Blur at their absolute best!
Rock party!
Rock party!
The kaleidoscope lights up the room, the lights running across the walls, the embarrassed use alcohol...
The bpitch control squares
The bpitch control squares
Directly from post-industrial Berlin, post-unification, where east and west collide and come together....
Body pump music tracklist
Body pump music tracklist
The best songs to do body pump in a gym. Through this full-body workout you will tone your soul...

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Will Smith's triumphant return to music. Will Smith has definitely returned to the media spotlight...

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Dizzy Gillespie: The Jazz Legend
The melodic and fun sound of Dizzy Gillespie has made its way into many people's hearts. His upbeat music, masterful playing style, and lively personality have endeared him to millions of fans worldwide. But it wouldn't be an honest review if we didn't discuss some of his failings...read more


Empire Of The Sun
The music we recommend: Empire Of The Sun
Empire of the Sun is an Australian band that will conquer you there with its unique electronics and emotions. In 2007, incredible artists, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, joined forces to give life to this powerful and creative band. Alcuni potrebbero riconoscerli also for the participation in another band altrettanto talentuose like Sleepy Jackson and Pnau. The parrot music is diverse, and other things you feel better. We are famous for the loro melodie accattivanti and i loro suoni elettronici che viaggiano atraverso and diversi musical styles con facilità e grazia. This is the fact that the band has one of the best apprezzate sia in Australia that is in the world. The loro unique musicale laughs in the origin of the loro name: Empire of the Sun, a celebration of creativity and freedom in art and music. One of the most surprising things of this band is the evolution over the years. At the end of the loro creation, they have created a new album with a diverse sound without the desire of the loro fan. Ad oggi, they have published 4 albums that rivelano la loro incredible musical versatility. One of the loro rappresents a precise moment in the history of the band and shows the ch...listen to this new band
Empire Of The Sun
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