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The Selecter are a band who draw inspiration from musical history. They have achieved success with some of their critically acclaimed albums. Fans greatly appreciate the artist's best songs, such as "On My Radio" and "Three Minute Hero". Their sound use rebel rousing ska rhythms, dub melodies, and soulful lyrics – these all encapsulate the band’s message of unity and divergence that set them apart in the UK music scene of the late '70s. To this day, their influence can be heard in many genres ranging from punk to hip hop, illustrating the timelessness of The Selecter's tracks.
The Selecter: Ska-Pop Icons Who Shaped the British Music Scene
If you’re a fan of ska-pop, then you ought to know about The Selecter. This British band played a significant role in shaping the music scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s. The band was formed in Coventry, England in 1979, in the midst of economic turmoil, racial unrest, and political upheaval. The Selecter used their musical talents to speak to the times, and they became one of the most influential bands of their era. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at The Selecter’s musical biography, genre, and their best songs. We’ll also talk about some of the band’s most famous concerts and get a critic’s view on their work.
The Selecter’s music is a blend of ska, punk, and reggae. They worked hard to promote racial unity through their music, which they felt was an important message to convey in the racial tension that characterized their era. The band’s music was a reflection of their environment, a portrayal of the social events in England at the time. Thus, their music addressed issues such as youth unemployment, poverty, and racial tensions.
One of The Selecter’s most popular songs is On My Radio, a single that made it to number 8 on the UK Singles chart. However, the band’s catalog boasts of other remarkable titles, like Three Minute Hero, Missing Words, and Celebrate the Bullet. These songs became major hits and are still considered some of the band’s best works, decades later.
In 1980, the Selecter released their debut album, Too Much Pressure, which was an exceptional blend of ska and punk. The album was so influential that it was re-released in 2001, and even today, still sounds fresh and relevant. Some critics consider Too Much Pressure one of the greatest albums of the genre.
The Selecter was also known for putting on some of the most electrifying concerts of their era. Their performances were high-energy, interactive, and dynamic, with the band jumping effortlessly between different genres. In 2017, they played a sold-out show at London’s Roundhouse, where they were joined by some of their fans who had grown up listening to their music. The crowd was ecstatic, and it was evident that the band’s music still resonates with a broad audience.
A critic once observed that The Selecter has taken the ska and punk genres into uncharted waters, covering new and exciting musical ground. Their unique sound has influenced many other bands, and their message of social and racial harmony continues to be relevant to this day.
In conclusion, The Selecter is a British band whose music still resonates with fans of all ages, long after their era. They addressed societal issues, spoke of unity and used their music as a platform for their message. Their impact on the music scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s was significant, and they are recognized even today as one of the most influential bands of the genre. Looking back at the band’s history shows just how groundbreaking and essential their music is in the development and evolution of British ska, punk, and reggae. If you’re a fan of ska and punk, then The Selecter’s music is one you definitely need to check out.
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1 - James Bond
2 - Too Much Pressure
3 - Last Tango in Dub
4 - On My Radio
5 - Missing Words
6 - Celebrate The Bullet
7 - Murder
8 - The Selecter
9 - My Collie (Not A Dog)
10 - Three Minute Hero
11 - They Make Me Mad
12 - The Whisper
13 - Danger
14 - Street Feeling
15 - Out On The Streets
16 - Bristol And Miami
17 - Bomb Scare
18 - Carry Go Bring Home
19 - Washed Up And Left For Dead
20 - Deep Water
21 - Black And Blue
22 - Frontline
23 - Tell Me What's Wrong
24 - Everyday (time Hard)
25 - Cool Blue Lady
26 - Train To Skaville
27 - Their Dream Goes On
28 - On My Radio (live)
29 - Everyday
30 - Tighten Up
31 - Cruel Britannia
32 - Better Must Come
33 - Bad Dog
34 - Respect Yourself
35 - Missing Words (live)
36 - On My Radio '91 - Single Mix
37 - Red Reflections
38 - Long Shot (bust Me Bet)
39 - (who Likes) Facing Situations


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