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Fehlfarben is a German post-punk band from Düsseldorf, Germany. The band name is from a German printing term referring to erroneous colors in prints: singer Peter Hein was in this line of work at Xerox while in the band.
The German Punk Band, Fehlfarben: A Musical Biography, Best Songs and Genre
When we think of punk rock, we usually imagine bands from the UK or US. However, in the late 70s, a group of musicians from Düsseldorf, Germany, formed a band called Fehlfarben that would redefine punk rock in their country. Fehlfarben's music blended punk, Neue Deutsche Welle, and various other genres, and their lyrics addressed social and political issues. In this article, we'll explore the musical biography of Fehlfarben, their best songs, music genre, and famous concerts.
Fehlfarben's journey began in 1979 when three musicians - Peter Hein, Thomas Schwebel, and Michael Kemner - left Düsseldorf's well-known punk band Charley's Girls to form their own group. Together with Frank Fenstermacher, Kurt Dahlke, and Hans Maahn, they released their debut album Monarchie und Alltag (Monarchy and Everyday Life) in 1980. The album was a critical and commercial success, with the single Ein Jahr (Es geht voran) (One Year (It's Moving On)) topping the German charts. The song's catchy chorus, upbeat rhythm, and socially critical lyrics made it an instant hit.
Fehlfarben's sound was unique, incorporating elements of punk rock, new wave, funk, and reggae. They experimented with synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments, and their live shows were energetic and theatrical. The band's lyrics were also notable, covering topics such as social inequality, consumerism, and environmentalism. In the early 80s, Fehlfarben released two more albums, 33 Tage in Ketten (33 Days in Chains) and Glut und Asche (Flames and Ashes), both of which received critical acclaim.
One of Fehlfarben's most famous concerts took place in Berlin's Tempodrom in 2002. The band reunited after a 16-year hiatus to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monarchie und Alltag. They played the entire album from start to finish, and the concert was recorded and released on DVD. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the band's fans, who sang along to every song.
Fehlfarben's music has influenced many artists in Germany and beyond. Their blend of punk rock and new wave paved the way for future bands, such as Die Toten Hosen, Tocotronic, and Wir Sind Helden. Their lyrics addressed important societal issues, making them stand out from other punk bands of the time. Fehlfarben's legacy lives on to this day, and they continue to be an influential band in German music history.
Some of Fehlfarben's best songs include Ein Jahr (Es geht voran), Das Wort ist draußen (The Word is Out), and Apokalypse (Apocalypse). These songs showcase the band's unique sound, socially critical lyrics, and catchy melodies. Ein Jahr (Es geht voran) remains one of their most popular songs, with its upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics.
Critics often praise Fehlfarben's combination of punk rock and new wave, noting how they paved the way for the Neue Deutsche Welle movement. Some critics, however, argue that Fehlfarben's music was not truly punk, as it incorporated too many other genres. Despite this debate, Fehlfarben remains a highly respected band in German music history.
Fehlfarben's musical biography is one of innovation, experimentation, and social commentary. Their unique blend of punk rock, new wave, and other genres created a sound that was both catchy and socially relevant. Their lyrics addressed important issues, making them stand out from other punk bands of the time. Fehlfarben's legacy lives on to this day, and their influence can be seen in the work of many modern German bands. Whether you're a fan of punk rock, new wave, or innovative music in general, Fehlfarben is a band that's worth checking out. So, give it a try and enjoy the music!
Next Concert
M.A.U. Club
Rostock, Germany
1 - Abenteuer & Freiheit
2 - Grauschleier
3 - Hier und jetzt
4 - Das sind Geschichten
5 - Apokalypse
6 - All That Heaven Allows
7 - Milit?rk
8 - Ein Jahr (Es geht voran)
9 - Paul ist tot
10 - Angst
11 - Gottseidank nicht in England
12 - Das war vor Jahren
13 - Die Wilde Dreizehn
14 - Wunderbar
15 - Tanz Mit Dem Herzen
16 - Katze Zur Maus
17 - Magnificent Obsession
18 - Ich Nicht Verstehen
19 - Schlaflos Nachts
20 - Imitation Of Life
21 - 14 Tage
22 - Stadt Der 1000 Tränen
23 - Hutschläger
24 - Club Der Schönen Mütter
25 - Tag Und Nacht
26 - Rhein In Flammen
27 - Du Ran Du Ran
28 - Der Marsch
29 - Söhne Und Töchter
30 - Der Fremde
31 - Die Stunde Des Glücks
32 - We Do Wie Du
33 - Was Der Himmel Verbietet
34 - Die Kunst Des Zitats


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