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An upbeat version of New Orleans R&B arrives in Jamaica via radio. ItÕs quick, danceable and exciting, which allows it to convey the right kind of optimism to a recently independent nation. Have you ever wanted to experience something that felt stimulatingly different than everything else? Ska might be just what you have been looking for. Ska is a genre of popular music originating in Jamaica in the late 1950s and demonstrated his Jamaican roots along with the growing degree of skilfulness shown by Jamaican singers and instrumentalists. This captivating fusion style included both Caribbean and African influences, as well as elements of Jazz, Rhythm and Blues. If you love exploring a variety of cultures and the vibrancy they bring to music, then you should definitely consider giving Ska songs some attention. YouÕre bound to discover uplifting tunes full of contagious energy! Plus, listening to Ska tunes is rewarding in its own way Ñ from experiencing an exciting mixture of cacophonous sounds too often neat two-fragment melodies that mesmerize those lucky enough to chime in! A playlist with the best ska songs