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Artist: Burning Spear Album: Jah Kingdom

Year: 1991
Duration: 0:0-1

A Critical Review of the Album: Jah Kingdom by Burning Spear

Reggae music has always been a genre that appeals to millions of people all over the world. One of the most influential reggae artists to ever grace the music scene is Burning Spear. Having released numerous hit albums and singles, his music has become synonymous with the quintessential sound of reggae.

One of his most popular albums, Jah Kingdom, is known for its powerful lyrics, soulful melodies, and intricate rhythms. In this blog post, we will delve into the history of Burning Spear, the key features of the reggae genre, the best songs of the album, and provide a critical review of Jah Kingdom.

Burning Spear, whose real name is Winston Rodney, was born in Jamaica in 1945. He grew up in the rural area of Saint Anne Parish, where he began his journey into the music scene. His first taste of success came in the early 1970s when he released his debut album, Studio One Presents Burning Spear. Since then, he has grown in popularity and has become a revolutionary figure in the reggae music world.

Reggae music is characterized by its unique blend of African rhythms, blues, and soul music. It originated in Jamaica in the 1960s, with its key features such as a prominent bass line, guitar rhythm, and drum beats. Reggae music is renowned for its social commentary, which often addresses issues such as poverty, social injustice, and political corruption.

Jah Kingdom is an album that showcases the best of reggae music. The album comprises of 13 tracks that are a tribute to the Rastafarian religion and music culture. The album's title track, Jah Kingdom, is a powerful song that speaks of the beauty of the Rastafarian faith. Other notable songs on the album include Run For Your Life, Say No, and Assassination.

The most impressive part of Jah Kingdom is its use of instrumentation. The album is heavily influenced by traditional Rastafarian music, with instruments like the nyabinghi drums and guitar riffs throughout the entire album. The layering of the instruments creates a unique and powerful sound that speaks to the roots of reggae music.

Despite Jah Kingdom's impressive feat in instrumentation and lyrics, there are notable flaws in the album. The songs lack the emotional punch that characterized Burning Spear's previous works. The political and social commentary, which is the norm in reggae music, is not as powerful as it should be. Overall, the album is a decent effort from an artist who has produced exceptional works in the past.

In conclusion, Jah Kingdom is an evocative and refreshing album that showcases the best of reggae music. With its powerful lyrics, intricate rhythms, and soulful melodies, this album is a must-have for any reggae music fan. However, despite its impressive feat in instrumentation, it falls short in the emotional depth that characterized Burning Spear's earlier work. Nonetheless, the album is still a decent effort and affirms Burning Spear's position as one of the most influential reggae artists of all time.