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Body pump music tracklist

The best songs to do body pump in a gym. Through this full-body workout you will tone your soul and you will burn calories and stress. Sport and music is a perfect combination in order to maxime your efforts. A tracklist of the best body pump songs to tone and shape your soul and your body.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Deorro - Bailar
2-Dada Life - Tic Tic Tic ft. Lzzy Hale
3-Dannic & Sick Individuals - Feel Your Love
4-Pink - Just Like Fire
5-Chase & Status - NRG ft. Novelist

Music and sport, a winning combination

Can’t live without listening to music and enjoy playing sports? You’re on your way to great performance!
Just to give a few examples, Marcell Jacobs is said to have reached the roof of the world training on the Italian rap music of Sfera Ebbasta, while Cristiano Ronaldo would have a passion for the pop of Oasis and Roll With It It would be one of his favorite training soundtracks.
nfatti è provato che ascoltare musica durante gli allenamenti consente di avere una marcia in più. In fact it is proven that listening to music during workouts allows you to have an extra gear. To confirm this theory there is a case that became famous in 2007 when, during the New York marathon, the use of Mp3 was banned because it was considered equivalent to the intake of doping substances. To date, the use of earphones to listen to music is prohibited in all competitions that award a title, be it regional, national or international. The reason is simple: listening to music distracts from the perception of fatigue, decreases stress and tension for the result you want to achieve, helps to synchronize movements. It can also help to give a boost, including through a text that acts as a motivator. So, if you want your performance to be amazing, don’t neglect to choose the right music. The choice of the playlist that accompanies each workout can not be random. For this reason a good trainer chooses the playlist with care, so that the rhythm changes with the type of sport practiced and with the intensity of the various stages of training. The unit of measure of reference are the beats per minute (BPM), like the pulsations of our heart. Considering that normally our pulsations vary between 60 and 80 beats per minute, we can attempt a generalization saying that a rhythm below 60 BPM will be relaxing, above 80 BPM will be activating, while at the extremes we will find a distressing rhythm (under 30 BPM), or very activating (above 110), to be clear we imagine disco music.
That said, it’s up to you now. If you have any doubts about how well your favorite songs are suitable for your workout you can check how many BPM match by inserting the title in a dedicated site, songbpm.com. And even if you don’t aim to get a medal, with the right background your workouts will certainly be much more enjoyable.
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