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Junior Murvin

Junior Murvin (born Murvin Junior Smith, circa 1946 – 2 December 2013) was a Jamaican reggae musician.
The Rise and Fall of the Legendary Junior Murvin: A Musical Journey
Music has paved way for new talents to emerge on the scene, and while most stay, a few make it to the top and become legends. One of these legends is Junior Murvin, a Jamaican musician who carved out a name for himself during the reggae explosion in the 1970s. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the life and works of Junior Murvin, his musical biography, genre, best songs, famous concerts, and what the critics had to say about his music.
Junior Murvin was born in 1949 in Jamaica and began his career in music at a very young age. He got his breakthrough in 1977 when he produced a critically acclaimed album, Police, and Thieves. The album's title track became the biggest hit, and its commentary on police brutality became an anthem for oppressed citizens all over the world. The song was covered by many other artists, including The Clash.
Junior Murvin's music was heavily influenced by his Rastafarian beliefs and spirituality. His music often had a deep, introspective, and socially conscious message that resonated with his audience. His style of music was a blend of reggae, roots, and dub, which made him a hit with fans of those genres. He used his music as a platform to speak truth to power and to elevate the consciousness of his listeners.
Some of Junior Murvin's best songs include Police and Thieves, Cool Out Son, False Teachings, Jack Slick, and Muggers in the Streets. These songs showcased Junior Murvin's vocal range, songwriting skills, and ability to capture his listeners' emotions effortlessly. Each song told a story and tackled pertinent issues facing Jamaican society.
Junior Murvin performed in several concerts over the years. He was a crowd favorite in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the UK. Notably, he performed at the famous Reggae Sunsplash festival in 1981 and delivered a memorable performance. Unfortunately, Junior Murvin's career was short-lived as he passed away in 2013.
Critics described Junior Murvin's music as unique, mystical, and soulful, with perfect arrangements and production. His songs were socially and politically conscious and spoke to the times in which they were created. Many regard Junior Murvin as one of the greatest reggae artists of all time, whose music still resonates with a new generation of music lovers.
In conclusion, Junior Murvin was not just a musician but a revolutionary figure whose music lived on long after his death. His music offered a source of hope, encouragement, and inspiration to people of all ages and backgrounds. The story of his music career, his social commentary, and activism is a testament to the immense power of music to shape society. Junior Murvin's music is an everlasting legacy, one that continues to inspire new artists and reggae enthusiasts worldwide.



Junior Murvin: A Journey Through Reggae and Soul

The world of music is a vast and varied place, offering up some of the most incredible sounds and rhythms the human ear can experience. One genre that has always commanded attention is reggae, with its soulful melodies and socially-charged lyrics. One of the most respected and admired musicians in this genre was Junior Murvin. His life and career were defined by his unique sound and sharp lyricism, earning him a special place in the hearts of fans around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Junior Murvin's life and his contributions to the world of reggae.

Junior Murvin was born in 1949 in Jamaica, and his musical journey began at a young age. As a child, he was always drawn to gospel music and often sang in church. By the late 1960s, he had set his sights on a career in reggae music and began recording with some of the top producers of the day. His first hit came in 1973 with the song Police and Thieves, which was an instant classic and brought him international fame. His distinctive falsetto voice and socially conscious lyrics set him apart from the rest of the reggae scene and would come to be his trademark.

Murvin's most famous album, Police and Thieves, was released in 1977 and cemented his position as one of the greats of reggae music. It was produced by Lee Scratch Perry and featured some of the most influential musicians of the day. The album was a critical and commercial success, with many of the songs becoming staples of the reggae scene. Included in this album was his most famous and popular song, Police and Thieves.

Junior Murvin continued to record hit albums throughout the 1980s and beyond, with each album showcasing his evolving sound and style. Some of his best-known songs include False Teachings, Cool Out Son, and Tedious. Murvin was admired not only for his music but also for his activism and outspokenness. His songs often dealt with the political and social issues of his time and continue to resonate with audiences to this day.

Murvin’s music was deeply rooted in the tradition of reggae, but he also drew inspiration from other genres such as soul and funk. He also had a unique style, with his falsetto voice and distinctive phrasing setting him apart from other reggae artists of his time. His influences ranged from Bob Marley to Curtis Mayfield, and he brought these musical styles together seamlessly in his recordings.

In the end, Junior Murvin was a visionary artist whose music and message will continue to inspire people for generations to come. He was able to blend various genres of music and create a sound that was uniquely his own. But beyond his contributions to music, Murvin was a social activist who spoke out against oppression and injustice. He used his music as a platform to promote social and political change, making him not just a great artist but also a champion of human rights. His legacy continues to live on, and his music continues to touch the hearts of fans around the world.
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1 - Roots
2 - Cool Out Son
3 - Tedious
4 - Solomon
5 - Bad Weed
6 - I Was Appointed
7 - Police & Thieves
8 - Lucifer
9 - Easy Task
10 - Rescue Jah Children
11 - Childhood Sweetheart
12 - Magic Touch
13 - Cross Over
14 - Memories
15 - Roots Train
16 - Workin' In The Cornfield
17 - False Teachin'
18 - Rasta Get Ready
19 - Gipsy Woman
20 - Give Me Your Love
21 - Philistines On The Land
22 - Muggers In The Street
23 - Champagne And Wine
24 - Judas And Jesus
25 - Jahovah's Children
26 - Think Twice
27 - Badman Posse
28 - Mister Craven
29 - Stop The Crime
30 - Jamaican Girls
31 - Let's Fall In Love
32 - Roots Train Number One
33 - I'll Follow You
34 - Strikes And Demonstrations
35 - Hook Line And Sinker
36 - Jack Slick
37 - Roots Train Number Two
2000: World Cry
1986: Apartheid