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The very best of nu jazz

A selection of the best nu jazz artists. Nu jazz is a unique and pioneering genre, blending together a range of disparate jazz styles. From smooth, lounge styled licks to experimental improvisations, nu jazz has something for everyone. Collection 'The Very Best of Nu Jazz' brings together some of the subgenre's most renowned artists for the perfect listening experience. Buddy Paraiso teams up with Philana Duece to deliver a contemporary spin on Miles Davis' classic jam 'Flamenco Sketches'. Jack Tenor bathes in the warm atmosphere of reinterpreted Billie Holiday tunes with the upbeat 'Roads'. Then prepare yourself as David and Mats Vassalos take you on an electronically reflected journey tempered by playful and perfect horns through 'Turn Your Blinders On', adding another dimension to modern nu jazz music. With such passionate players offering renditions loaded with fresh sounds and styles, this diverse collection sets the standard amongst nu jazz releases.

Exploring The Very Best of Nu Jazz Music
Jazz is a genre of music that has stood the test of time for over a century. Its influence can be heard in genres as varied as hip hop, funk, and R&B. However, one of the most interesting offshoots of jazz is nu jazz. Nu jazz blends traditional jazz with electronic music elements, creating a unique sonic experience that's sure to delight music lovers. In this article, we'll delve into the history of nu jazz, its defining characteristics, famous artists, and introduce you to some of the best songs to listen to.
Historical Overview of Nu Jazz
Nu jazz emerged in the late '90s as a response to the development of jazz fusion and its incorporation into genres like smooth jazz. As the name suggests, nu jazz is a new take on the genre, incorporating electronic and experimental music influences that weren't present in earlier iterations of jazz. Despite its relatively young age, nu jazz has quickly won a devoted fan base and become a staple in the jazz world.
Defining Characteristics of Nu Jazz
Nu jazz is characterized by its experimental, improvisational approach to music. It often incorporates electronic elements, such as synthesizers and drum machines, creating a futuristic sound that feels like a sci-fi soundtrack. Nu jazz also makes use of sampling and looping techniques, which allow artists to create intricate soundscapes and layered tracks. Finally, nu jazz often incorporates more traditional jazz instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, and double basses, into its electronic-infused compositions.
Famous Artists of Nu Jazz
There are so many fantastic nu jazz artists to discover, but here are a few that stand out. British band, Cinematic Orchestra is known for blending traditional jazz styles with electronic beats and unique vocal arrangements. Jazzanova, hailing from Berlin, inject funk and soul into their nu jazz compositions, while also keeping an experimental, electronic edge. Finally, French musician St Germain brings a distinctly European flair to the genre, with his use of accordion, trumpet, and African beats.
Best Songs to Listen To
The State of the Art by The Cinematic Orchestra is a great example of the power of nu jazz. Its soaring string arrangements, cool beats and beautiful melody make it one of the most accessible songs in this genre. That Heat by Jazzanova is a funky, upbeat track that showcases the band's signature sound. Finally, Rose Rouge by St Germain, is an instant classic, featuring a heady mix of samples, hard-driving beats, and intoxicating trumpet work.
Nu jazz is a fascinating genre that is sure to appeal to anyone who loves jazz, electronic, and experimental music. From its humble beginnings in the late '90s, nu jazz has come to represent a vibrant, dynamic subsection of the jazz world. With its unique blend of traditional and new, it continues to push boundaries and delight music lovers all over the world. By exploring just a few songs and artists, you too can discover just how exciting and nuanced this genre can be.