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The very best of nu jazz

A selection of the best nu jazz artists. Nu jazz is a unique and pioneering genre, blending together a range of disparate jazz styles. From smooth, lounge styled licks to experimental improvisations, nu jazz has something for everyone. Collection 'The Very Best of Nu Jazz' brings together some of the subgenre's most renowned artists for the perfect listening experience. Buddy Paraiso teams up with Philana Duece to deliver a contemporary spin on Miles Davis' classic jam 'Flamenco Sketches'. Jack Tenor bathes in the warm atmosphere of reinterpreted Billie Holiday tunes with the upbeat 'Roads'. Then prepare yourself as David and Mats Vassalos take you on an electronically reflected journey tempered by playful and perfect horns through 'Turn Your Blinders On', adding another dimension to modern nu jazz music. With such passionate players offering renditions loaded with fresh sounds and styles, this diverse collection sets the standard amongst nu jazz releases.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Róisín Murphy - Tell Everybody
2-Róisín Murphy - Cry Baby
3-Róisín Murphy - Footprints
4-Amon Tobin - Horsefish
5-Amon Tobin - Big Furry Head