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Acid jazz


Acidic and critical spirit, widespread cymbals, trumpets, saxophones and electronic sounds on a whirling journey. Acid Jazz is mix betwwen jazz, electronic music, funk and hip hop. If you want to listen to artists like Jamiroquai, Young Disciples, James Taylor Quartet or Thundercat you are in right place. This playlist is for people who want to have fun but in a mora sophisticated way. Acid Jazz is a London born musical genre that mixes jazz, soul, funk and disco music. Acid jazz is an innovative and diverse type of music genre that has gained massive popularity over the years. Created in the late 1980s in London, this electrifying style of jazz combines elements of funk and soul while integrating multiple hip hop and electronica elements. Its repetitive beats often captivate listeners, as its pioneering sound can bring together a unique synthesis of classic styles and cutting-edge technology. As a result, acid jazz has earned distinction both in the club atmosphere and across a vast range of radio formats. It ranges from Jazzy French House to Dark Trip Hop, Funk And Lounge; the diversity within this genre is admirable today. In this page you can find tha best Acid Jazz music. Enter and you will discover some of the best acid jazz artists like Jamiroquai, Young Disciples, James Taylor Quartet or Thundercat.

Exploring the Groovy Sounds of Acid Jazz
Have you ever heard of Acid Jazz? If not, then you are missing out on one of the most unique and entertaining music genres around. Just as the name suggests, Acid Jazz is a blend of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music, creating a sound that is both energetic and captivating. Originating from London in the late 1980s, this style of music has taken the world by storm with its infectious rhythms and innovative beats. In this article, we will delve deeper into Acid Jazz and explore some of its most iconic artists.
What makes Acid Jazz so special is its ability to combine different styles of music and create something entirely new. Funk and soul provide the main foundation for Acid Jazz, with their catchy melodies and groovy rhythms. However, what sets Acid Jazz apart is the way it incorporates hip hop and electronic elements into the mix. This fusion of different genres creates a sound that is both familiar and fresh. The likes of Jamiroquai and Young Disciples are just some of the many artists that have made Acid Jazz what it is today.
Another defining feature of Acid Jazz is its use of live instruments, including trumpets, saxophones, and cymbals. These instruments are often played in a way that is reminiscent of classic jazz, but with a modern twist. The electronic sounds that are incorporated into the music create a layered effect that is mesmerizing to listen to. Acid Jazz is a perfect example of how technology and musical instruments can come together to make something that is truly extraordinary.
One of the most appealing aspects of Acid Jazz is its ability to be both a club and a home listening genre. The repetitive beats and energetic rhythms of Acid Jazz make it ideal for dancing and partying, but it can also be enjoyed in a more relaxed setting. The music has a way of transporting you to another world, where you can let go of your worries and immerse yourself in the music.
In conclusion, Acid Jazz is an exciting and captivating genre of music that continues to impress music lovers around the world. The mix of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music creates a sound that is both fresh and innovative. The live instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, and cymbals, add depth and complexity to the music, while the electronic sounds provide a modern twist. Acid Jazz is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun while enjoying music that is sophisticated and refined. So, the next time you want to experience music that is both groovy and innovative, give Acid Jazz a try!

Acid Jazz

Acid Jazz is known as one of the music which gained popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. Acid Jazz emerge in the late 1980s and it becomes one of the musical branches derived from Jazz genre. Coined in the 1980s by a DJ named Gilles Peterson, Acid Jazz steadily disseminates as one of the favorites during its popular era. It is firstly made in a small recording label based in London by Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson and for three months since its first releases, Acid Jazz grows significantly in London as the alternative music in London clubs. Moreover, during 90s, this music boomed, disseminates from Europe to Asia, creating its own fans and listener. The remarkable growth of Acid Jazz during a few years is not without reason. Its emergence creates a fresh, dance music yet still having the classy touch of Jazz. So, the next arises question is, “what’s so unique about the Acid Jazz?”

Differ from the ordinary style, roughly, Acid Jazz combines many African American musical influence into one song, creating its own idiosyncratic style. Hence, it can be considered as hybrid music. It has a wide combination of music, but often include the dance music, hip-hop, funk, and combine it with jazz music. Usually, the hip-hop influence can be seen in the vocal section of the song. While usually, the funk style is recognized from the syncopated rhythmic interaction between the musicians. Also, the chromatic chord sequences which usually found in the post-bop jazz are also quite easy to recognize. Additionally, one of the most exciting things about this music is it utilize the Jazz improvisation in the song as the typical jazz music usually do. Means that, it hasn’t lost the “jazz” as its foundation, but having the new face as a fascinating combination between Jazz music and others.

Not only the music, Acid Jazz also amalgamates the fashion and drug use to emphasize the influence and nostalgic feeling for the 1960s and 70s, when the musicianship is served as the core to assess the excellent dance music instead of using the more modern technology. Although some of the Acid Jazz music include the electronic composition, mostly the Acid Jazz musicians play it live. Furthermore, in the live performance, many Acid Jazz players also show their jazz improvisation skills as the part of their concert.

Interested in Acid Jazz? I will give you my personal recommendation. If you really eager to hear the band in the early appearance of Acid Jazz, try to listen to Galliano songs, for example: Frederic Lies Still. This is the first music which is recorded in the Acid Jazz indie label debut. Lastly, if you want to hear a more funk-rock style, try to enjoy the Mother Earth. Enjoy the band, enjoy your playlist.
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