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Discovering talents at the Busker festival

Street artists watch amazed passers-by, sometimes generous, but always with harsh criticism. Artists transform our city into a musical circus, making a Sunday celebration all the more colorful. A joyful celebration of musical mastery has come to town-- the Busker Festival! Music and Rhythm fill the air, giving energy and excitement to the local crowd. Spectators gather around to watch and cheer as talented street performers take center stage. For one whole week, the streets will be filled with stunning chords while each act strives to win the grand prize. With distinct notes ringing throughout the city day after day, it's sure to be memorable occasion for music lovers!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Solmeriggio - Sinestesia
2-Bamboo - Supertechno
3-Camp Neverland - Fly Little Bird
4-Irakunda - Camarada
5-Violentango - Le Petit Rhone Y La Cigale