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Artist: Fila Brazillia Album: A Touch of Cloth

Year: 1999
Duration: 52:31

A Touch of Cloth: A Critical Review of Fila Brazillia's Album

Fila Brazillia is a revered music band known for their eclectic mix of genres ranging from dub, ambient, and down-tempo. Their album A Touch of Cloth is a masterpiece that cemented their place in the music industry. With its ethereal and samba beats, this album is a fusion of funk, jazz, and soul, making it a timeless classic. In this article, we will explore the history of the band, the music genre of the album, the best songs on the album, the most innovative parts of the album, and a critique of the album.

Fila Brazillia was established in Hull, East Yorkshire, in 1990 by Steve Cobby and Davis McSherry. The band's sound is uniquely an amalgamation of electronic, acoustic sounds, live instruments, samples, and humor. They are known for their ability to incorporate Brazilian samba beats and melodies into their music. A Touch of Cloth was released in 2002, and it is their seventh album. The album is a representation of their diverse and global sound, where they fused Brazil's style with their electronic arrangement, creating a unique sub-genre for themselves.

The album features some of the best tracks by Fila Brazillia, including Slackerjack, Butterfly Creepers, and We Build Arks. The lead track of the album Slackerjack serves as an attention grabber. It's a perfect introduction to the album with its catchy rhythm and electronic beats that build up as the song progresses. Butterfly Creepers is another standout track on the album with its upbeat, grooving bassline and Latin percussion that takes the listener on a relaxing journey. We Build Arks is a mellow track that features live horns and electronic drums, creating the perfect balance of jazz and electronica.

One of the most innovative parts of the album is the eclectic mix of genres. Fila Brazillia masters the art of blending different music genres into their tracks, creating something truly unique. The album features an incredible blend of Jazz, Funk, and Electronica that will keep the listener wanting more. Another innovative part of the album is the use of Brazilian samba beats and melodies in their music, which is a trademark of Fila Brazillia's music.

While A Touch of Cloth is a great album, it is not without flaws. One critique of the album is that it lacks diversity in its tempo. With most of the tracks in the downtempo range, it can become monotonous to listen to the entire album in one sitting. The lack of diversity in tempo makes it seem repetitive, and this may not sit well for some listeners.

In conclusion, A Touch of Cloth by Fila Brazillia is a remarkable album that showcases the talent of the band. The album is a great representation of the fusion of electronic music and Brazilian samba, making it a unique and innovative work. It's an album that every music lover should have in their collection. While there are a few shortcomings in the tempo of the album, it doesn't take anything away from the fact that it is a great album that deserves to be listened to. If you're looking for something innovative to add to your playlist, be sure to check out A Touch of Cloth by Fila Brazillia.