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The London Funk Allstars are an impressive group of musicians who have accomplished a great feat in music history. They've come together to create amazing songs, album drums beats and evocative melodies that transport their audiences into worlds they didn't know existed. Time and time again the London Funk Allstars have reinvented themselves in the face of immense competition, stemming the original sound of funk back in the 1970s throughout the 1980s and continuing on through today. Their best songs span from hits such as “Red Clover” to more recent songs such as “Zone Vibe”, creating memorable drama and rhythm for each innovative track. The compilation of their albums also reminds us why we continue to love this dynamic collective featuring rifts from some of their earliest music alongside recent reprises from famous concert venues around the globe.
Discovering the Funk and Groove of London Funk Allstars
Music has a way of transporting us to different places, times, and moods. It can take us to new heights of happiness, make us reminisce about the past, or even rally us to make changes for the better. And when it comes to funk music, it has an innate ability to get us grooving and dancing in a way that nothing else can. In the early 90s, a group of music enthusiasts from London knew this and created the band London Funk Allstars. Let's journey through the musical biography of London Funk Allstars, discover some of their grooviest songs, and delve into why they are a band worth listening to.
London Funk Allstars was formed in 1990 by musicians Stefan Turner and Mark Rutherford. The idea of the band was born when both musicians met while doing their DJ’ing gigs in London’s iconic nightclubs. Stefan had a profound love for funk and electronica while Mark brought his passion for Hip-hop music to the table. What resulted were groovy and cutting-edge tracks that combined futuristic soundscapes with traditional funk beats. Their first album, Flesh Eating Disco Zombies Versus The Bionic Hookers From Mars, released in 1995, quickly gained popularity not only in London but also around the world. Since then, London Funk Allstars has established themselves as one of the most innovative and influential electronic funk bands of all time.
If you are looking for a funky and groovy playlist, look no further than London Funk Allstars. One of their best-known tracks includes Knee Deep in Beats, which sets the soulful and funky tone for listeners with an explosive horn section and infectious beats. Another classic is Sure Shot, which is a funky and soulful track with a heavy dose of Hammond organ. It's an infectious track that gets your head nodding and your feet tapping.
London Funk Allstars’ music is a unique blend of funk sounds, acid jazz, and electronic elements. One of the reasons they stand out from the rest is their ability to experiment and combine different genres to create funky music. Their tracks What a Great Night for Bass and Sonic Assault are an excellent representation of their eclectic style, merging different sounds and techniques to create a sound unlike any other.
Apart from their records, London Funk Allstars is known for their energetic live performances. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see them on stage, you know they have a special kind of energy that makes the crowd go wild. Picture bright lights of London, a packed club full of party-goers, and irreverent grooves that make everyone move. That was the London Funk Allstars live experience, and it's no surprise that it’s one of the reasons they’ve become so popular.
Critics have often praised London Funk Allstars’ music for their ability to transport listeners to another world. Their use of futuristic and electronic elements combined with classic funk provides an immersive listening experience that captivates audiences. The band has also been lauded as innovators within the genre, and their influence can be seen in other widely acclaimed funk music released since their early days.
Ultimately, London Funk Allstars created music that revolves around a groovy, funky sound. They add grit, soul, and contemporary twists to old school funk to produce music that is timeless and mesmerizing. Their music is not just a sound but an experience that has secured them a space in the annals of music history. As we listen to London Funk Allstars’ music, we can appreciate their legacy and see how it still inspires many artists today. So the next time you're in the mood to dance, why not immerse yourself in the sounds of London Funk Allstars and discover the endless possibilities of funk and groove?
1 - Junkies Bad Trip
2 - Listen To The Beat
3 - What's In The Basket
4 - Chun Li vs. Wah Wah Man
5 - Represent
6 - Give It To Me Raw
7 - Love Is What We Need
8 - Mad Love
9 - Knee Deep In The Beats
10 - The Chase
11 - How To Be A Ninja In One Easy Lesson
12 - Can Ya Understand
13 - Allstars Theme
14 - Flesh Eating Disco Zombies Ver
15 - Old Skool Reunion
16 - Introduction
17 - Sure Shot
18 - Goodbye Cruel World
19 - Broadcasting Live From Planet Blapps!
20 - Never Can Get Enough
21 - Way Out
22 - There's Only One F In Funk
23 - Fetch!
24 - Funky Sweater
25 - Chicago
26 - Wikki's Revenge
27 - Coolin' Out
28 - Bang Boogie Boogie
29 - Booyakka
30 - 6 Million Dollar Man
31 - So Good
32 - Body Rock
33 - The Good Life
34 - U. J.
35 - Everybody Git Fonky
36 - Flesh Eating Disco Zombies Versus The Bionic Hookers From Mars
37 - Today London, Tomorrow The World
38 - Tear It Up