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Big band


A beautiful jazz orchestra gives life to classy nights in the most chic of locales as alcohol flows over a bed of constant music and intrigue. The era of big band music continues to have a timeless hold at the hearts of many. Allow yourself to be enveloped within its vibrant energy and vintage melodies. Let the swells of symphonic sounds soothe your worries away. Revel in its moving grooves with brass and jazzy rhythms that uplift the soul. Take a journey through the ages, as no other music matches its lively enchantment like the old big band sound! Big band is the name of jazz musical ensemble during the Swing era in the 190s and 1940s. Listen to the big band music, from Frank Sinatra to Louis Armstrong

Get Swept Away By the Magical Melodies of Big Band Music
The sound of a big band swinging together is something that sends shivers down the spine of any jazz lover. The energy, the rhythm, and the emotion conjoined in this kind of music are unlike any other. It's no wonder that many people still hold onto the era of big band music with such fondness. The vibrant melodies, the horn section, and the captivating beats continue to enchant listeners of all ages. If you're looking for some vintage tunes that can uplift your soul, then look no further than the timeless sounds of big band music.
One of the great things about big band music is its ability to transport you back in time. It's an instant throwback to the golden age of jazz, to the time of Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. That's why it's common to hear this kind of music playing in places that have an old-world charm, such as bars and restaurants. As soon as the first note is struck, you feel as though you've been transported to another era. With musicians performing live, it's easy to get lost in the nostalgia and the vivid imagery that big band music brings.
The sound of big band music is a result of the collaboration of many instruments, including trumpets, trombones, saxophones, bass, guitar, and drums. The ensemble usually has more than 20 members with each instrument playing a distinct role in the overall sound. The horn section dominates the melody, which is often embellished by improvisations from the saxophones, and the guitar and bass provide a solid foundation while the drums add the essential swing to the rhythm. It's a complex and beautiful sound that is truly captivating.
The melodies of big band music are instantly recognizable and oh-so-catchy. They range from slow, soulful ballads to upbeat, energetic numbers. Classics like In the Mood by Glenn Miller or Mack the Knife by Louis Armstrong are among the many iconic songs that big bands have made famous. It's not just about the melody, though; it's also about the rhythm and the way the different instruments come together in harmony. That's what makes this kind of music so unique and special, and why it continues to attract new listeners to this day.
Listening to big band music is an experience that is both uplifting and soothing. The music has a way of transporting you to another place and time, making you forget your worries and troubles in the process. It's the type of music that can make you want to move your body, or just relax and soak in the sounds. It's also a form of art that is meant to be shared with others, which is why live performances are so special. When listening to a big band, it's impossible not to feel the energy and passion emanating from the musicians on stage.
Big band music is truly magical, and there's a reason why it continues to captivate audiences to this day. Its timeless melodies, the energy of the ensemble, and the nostalgia it evokes all contribute to its appeal. Whether you're a lifelong jazz fan or someone who's just discovering the genre, big band music is a must-listen. It's the perfect way to experience the power of music and to get swept away by its enchanting melodies. So, why not give it a try and let the sound of the big band transport you to another world?

Big Band music: let's have a look

When jazz music is performed with the help of musical ensemble at saxophones, Rhythm section, trombones and trumpets, is called big band. In simple words, it is actually the representation of Jazz music through musical ensemble. It originated in 1910 and enjoyed its Golden era in 1940s. At that time Swing was most popular among big band. Stylistically, it is Jazz, American marches and blues drived from swing, Dance music and progressive Jazz. Thematically, it is portrayal of sweet and romantic melodies.

While playing big band the musician focus not only at trombones, saxophones, trumpets and rhythms of bass, guitar, drums and piano but also on the composition of songs, soft vocals and arrangement of the musical ensemble.

The famous big band artists are Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, the brain setzer orchestra, Frank Sinatra, big bad Voodoo daddy, Cab Calloway, Artie Shaw, tummy Dorsey, Harry Connick Jr., Harry, Michael bubble, Buddy Rich, Quincy Jones, Woody Herman, Koius Prema, G.M Orchestra, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Harry James, Maynard Ferguson, Lionel Hampton, Fletcher Henderson, Gene Krupa, Stan kenton, Jimmie Lunceford , Sax $ Morrison, Charlie Barner, the Matthew Herbert big band, Duke Ellington, Carlq Bley, Charlie Parker, The Boswell Sisters, Jools Holland, Dizzy Gillespie, Indigo swing, Dean Martin, new cool collective, Keeley Smith, Charles Mingus, Paul Whiteman, Nat King Cole, Glen Gray, Bunny Berigan, the seat belts, Paul Anka, Royal Crown Revue and many more.

Here is a little bit about famous big band albums:
Swing when you are winning:
The album was released by pop singer Robbie Williams on 19th November 2001. Collection of 15 songs which include Have you met miss Jones?, something stupid, beyond the sea, I will talk and Hollywood will listen and It was a very good year.

Jam Session featuring Maynard Ferguson :
It is an album released by Maynard Ferguson on 23rd February 1954. Its tracks are air-conditioned and Our love is here to stay.

Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions :
Louise Armstrong recorded many songs under the title in 1925. It includes my heart, yes I am in the Barrel, you are next, don't forget to mess around, big butter and egg man, sunset Cafe Storm, he likes it slow, the king of the Zulus, you made me love you, Irish black bottom, sweet little papa, wild man blues, that's when I will come back to you, I am not rough, once in a while, don't give me, sugar foot strut, knee drops and a Monday date.

This time:
This time is an album released by Anthony Braxton in 1970 as music related to Jazz. Tracking list of album include composition number 1, solo, composition number 2, small composition, composition number 3, composition number 4, composition number 5, in the street and this time.

You are everything:
It is a Jazz album released by Marc Secara and Jiggs Whigham on 1st March 2008. The list of the songs is The nearness of you, She is the one, alone together, open the box, Waltz for Debbie, Save Your Love For Me, but beautiful, out of the hush, The Masquerade is Over and Pennies from heaven.
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