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Industrial metal

Futuristic metal sounds, a wild guitar stemming from the rigidity of the industrial worldÕs steel and hammer. Technological apocalypse. Industrial metal music has long been a driving force in rock n' roll. It's a multi-faceted genre that captures listeners with its incredible blend of heavy electronics and powerful riffs. The intensity attained from combining metallic basslines and razor sharp drum beats creates a unique soundscape that can't be compared to other musical styles. In recent years, industrial metal artists have produced some of the most exciting music both sonically and lyrically, forming an underground cult following. Fans of this intensive style are passionate Ð at times it's been credited with healing powers with its ability to open up worlds previously unknown. Industrial metal is unapologetic; it never shies away from experimentation or breaking away from conventions, setting itself apart as not only an unprecedented trendsetter but also a commanding presence on the music scene that should not be overlooked. Industrial metal is a musical genre coming from industrial dance music, thrash metal and hardcore punk, with metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer and distorted vocals.