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Violent Soho

Violent Soho are an Australian rock band that was formed in 2004 in the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield, Queensland.
The Rocking Career of Violent Soho: A Look at their Best Songs and Genre
Violent Soho, a rock band from Australia, is known for their powerful and dynamic sound. Their music is a combination of punk rock, alternative rock, and grunge, with a touch of indie rock thrown in. From their energetic live concerts to their lyrically insightful songs, Violent Soho has made a mark in the music industry. In this article, we will delve into their musical biography, share some of their best songs, critically analyze their music, and discuss why they are an important rock band of our generation.
Violent Soho was formed in 2004 in Brisbane, when the four members, Luke Boerdam, James Tidswell, Michael Richards, and Luke Henery came together to form the band. The band started by performing in local gigs and received critical acclaim for their music. In 2008, they released their debut album titled We Don't Belong Here, which showcased their unique sound and energy. Over the years, they have released four more albums, with their latest album Everything Is A-OK receiving great reviews from both critics and fans alike.
One of Violent Soho's defining traits is their ability to create music that is both aggressive and introspective. Their lyrics often tackle issues of society, self-doubt, and the human condition. Their music combines distorted guitars, powerful drums, and catchy choruses, which gives their music a raw and organic sound. Some of their best songs include Covered in Chrome, No Shade, Viceroy, and Like Soda.
Violent Soho has played some of the most memorable concerts in recent times. In 2016, they headlined the Splendour in the Grass festival in Australia, where they played in front of a massive crowd. Their performance was lauded by critics, who praised their electric energy and compelling stage presence. They have also played in many other major music festivals like Reading and Leeds Festival, Shaky Knees Festival, and The Governors Ball Music Festival.
In recent years, theory about the decline of rock music has been the subject of debate. However, bands like Violent Soho prove that the genre is not dead and will continue to thrive. They are an important band of our generation because they represent a fusion of different genres, and they play music that is both relatable and thought-provoking. Their music inspires a generation of music lovers who cherish the raw energy and confrontational lyrics that rock music is known for.
Violent Soho is a band that has made a mark in the music industry with their unique sound, energy, and passion. Their music is a testament to the fact that rock music is still alive and kicking. They represent a new generation of rock music that embraces punk rock, alternative rock, and grunge while also incorporating indie rock into their sound. Their live concerts are a testament to the power of music and how it can bring people together. Lastly, they are an important band of our generation because they inspire and empower a whole generation of music lovers, and their music speaks to issues that are relevant to our time.


1 - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
2 - Covered in Chrome
3 - Fur Eyes
4 - Saramona Said
5 - Dope Calypso
6 - In The Aisle
7 - Liars
8 - Tinderbox
9 - Muscle Junkie
10 - Neighbour Neighbour
11 - Lowbrow
12 - OK Cathedral
13 - Outsider
14 - Son Of Sam
15 - Narrow Ways
16 - Slippery Tongue
17 - Here Be Dragons
18 - Eightfold
19 - Viceroy
20 - Like Soda
21 - How To Taste
22 - So Sentimental
23 - Blanket
24 - Lying On The Floor
25 - Vacation Forever
26 - Gold Coast
27 - Love Is A Heavy Word
28 - No Shade
29 - Hungry Ghost
30 - Bombs Over Broadway
31 - A-ok
32 - Pick It Up Again
33 - Sleep Year
34 - Slow Down Sonic
35 - Generation
36 - Eat Your Parents
37 - Birth Of The Teen-age
38 - Canada
39 - Kamikaze
40 - Waco
41 - Evergreen
2016: Waco