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Through Fire

Through Fire: A Journey Through the Flames of Music
In the world of hard rock, Through Fire has been a blazing force since their inception in 2015. Fueled by their passion for creating hard-hitting, heart-felt music, Through Fire has enjoyed a meteoric rise to success in the rock world. So today, we're going to take a deep dive into the life of Through Fire and explore their musical biography, best songs, music genre, and more. If you're a lover of hard rock and music that speaks to your soul, then come along and join us on this ride through the flames.
Through Fire started out as an idea. A single spark that would eventually ignite the fire that they would become. Lead singer, Justin McCain, had been playing guitar for numerous years in various bands before starting Through Fire. He wanted to create a rock band that would be known for their energetic performances and outstanding sound. So, he teamed up with drummer Grant Kendrick and began writing and recording music. It wasn't long before the band found the sound they were looking for and signed with Sumerian Records in 2015.
Musically, Through Fire is characterized by their larger-than-life sound, hooky melodies, and strong vocals. They blend the hard-hitting, guitar-driven riffs of hard rock with the upbeat, pop-friendly delivery of modern rock music. This fusion of genres has been evident in their hit songs such as Stronger, All Animal, and Listen to Your Heart.
Through Fire's music often deals with themes of love, loss, and overcoming adversity. They are not afraid to tackle darker and more personal subjects. In their newest album, All Animal, the band explores their own personal struggles in finding one's own voice and standing up for yourself.
Through Fire is also known for their electrifying live performances. Their music is designed to be experienced at a live concert by an audience of ardent fans. They've shared stages with some of the biggest names in hard rock like Seether, Three Days Grace, and Nothing More. With their undeniable energy and compelling sound, Through Fire is not a band anybody wants to miss.
One of their most notable concerts was their performance at Rock on the Range in 2017. Through Fire graced the main stage at this massive festival, displaying their undeniable talent and charisma in front of a huge crowd of rock enthusiasts. They succeeded in making the crowd feel every emotion in their music, creating a memorable experience that lives on in the minds of those who were there.
Critics have praised Through Fire for their strength, both musically and lyrically. A review by Metal Nexus described Through Fire's music as a combination of melody, heart, and head-banging fuel that we can all make our own. Another review by Rock Revolt Magazine praised the band's message by saying Through Fire is a band that speaks to those who have gone through the trenches, and emerged stronger from the other side.
Through Fire is a band that is set to take the rock world by storm. They are known for their contagious energy, unapologetic lyrics, and larger-than-life performances. Their sound is a perfect example of what today's rock music should be, full of heart, passion, and soul. So, if you're looking for a new band to fall in love with, Through Fire is definitely worth checking out. Don't miss the chance to catch them live and feel the fire that they bring to the stage.


1 - Stronger
2 - Listen To Your Heart
3 - All Animal
4 - Stronger - Extended Version
5 - Breathe
6 - Where You Lie
7 - Jar Of Hearts
8 - Breakout
9 - Medicine
10 - Damage
11 - Lights
12 - Blood On My Hands
13 - Dead Inside
14 - Take It All Away
15 - Doubt
16 - Breaking Point
17 - Sick And Tired
18 - Superhero
19 - Breathe - Extended Version
20 - Wake The Dead
21 - Die Sober
22 - If You Love Me, Leave Me
23 - Reborn - Intro
24 - Through Fire
25 - Lose It
2019: All Animal
2016: Stronger
2016: Breathe