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Feeder are a British rock band based in Newport, Wales. The band was formed in 1992 under the name of Reel by Grant Nicholas, Jon Lee, and Simon Blight of group Raindancer, after the other member of that group, guitarist John Canham, departed from it. Discover the vibrancy of Feeder's sound and let their songs lift your mood! From power-punk melodies to sunny rock ballads, every piece adds a little something extra to any cheerful moment. Tune into Feeder's best tracks and the vibrant music they deliver or simply relax into the peaceful energy that accompanies each track. Let the inspired tones inspire a cheery feeling within – you won't be disappointed!
Discovering the Music of Feeder: A Journey Through Their Best Songs and Concerts
Are you someone who loves discovering new music and exploring different genres? Or perhaps you're already a fan of Feeder, a Welsh band that has been making music since the 1990s. Regardless of whether you're a long-time fan or someone who's new to their music, this article is for you. In this blog, we'll delve into the musical biography of Feeder, explore their best songs and concerts, and even take a closer look at what critics have to say about their music. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of Feeder.
Feeder has been around since 1994, when they formed in Newport, Wales. The band has undergone several lineup changes over the years, but the two constants have been lead vocalist and guitarist Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose. Their music has been described as alternative rock, post-grunge, and power pop, and their sound is characterized by catchy hooks, energetic guitar riffs, and dynamic drumming.
One of their most famous concerts was in 2002 at London's Wembley Arena, where they played in front of a crowd of over 10,000 people. This concert was part of the tour for their album Comfort in Sound, which is widely regarded as one of their best. The album features some of their most popular songs, such as Just the Way I'm Feeling, Come Back Around, and Pushing the Senses.
Speaking of their best songs, it's difficult to choose just a few because Feeder has released so many great hits. Some of their other notable albums and songs include Polythene (1997), Yesterday Went Too Soon (1999), Buck Rogers (2001), and Silent Cry (2008). Buck Rogers is probably one of their most well-known songs, thanks to its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo. Meanwhile, High and Tumble and Fall are two other fan favorites that showcase Feeder's ability to write soaring anthems.
What do the critics have to say about Feeder's music? Some have praised their ability to write hooks and catchy melodies, while others have criticized their lyrics for being simplistic. In a review of Silent Cry, The Guardian wrote, Feeder's tunes remain as moreish as ever, but the lyrics are as platitudinous as the titles suggest. Meanwhile, The Independent praised their album Polythene back in 1997, saying, With Polythene, Feeder prove there is still an exciting and timeless place for genuine, simple, and occasionally uncompromising rock music.
In conclusion, Feeder is a band that has been making music for over two decades and has amassed a loyal fanbase. Their music is energetic, catchy, and filled with memorable hooks that will get stuck in your head for days. Their best songs are a blend of rock, pop, and even a hint of grunge, and their live shows are a sight to behold. While they may not be the most lyrically complex band out there, Feeder's music is all about making you feel good and getting you moving. So if you're looking for some feel-good rock music, give Feeder a listen. You might just find your new favorite band.


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How Good is Feeder's Music Really? An In-depth Analysis

Feeder have rapidly climbed the ladder of success in the music industry over the last two decades, but how good is their music really? It's hard to deny that they have achieved a certain level of fame and notoriety, crafting several memorable rock anthem hooks and experimenting with various genres throughout their career. However, some critics argue that Feeder lack artistic depth and offer more generic copies than unique creations. This blog post is going to explore both sides by dissecting what makes Feeder’s work so engaging – as well as finding where they fall short sonically.

Feeder is a British rock band that has been on the scene since the 1990s. They’ve released numerous albums, headlined festivals, and sold out shows worldwide in their near two-decade career. Despite their success, there has always been a debate about the quality of their music. In this blog post, we will closely examine the music of Feeder and weigh the merits of their work. We’ll dive into both sides of the debate to see if Feeder’s music truly stands the test of time or just a passing fad.

Feeder’s music is known for its pop-infused rock and catchy lyrics that often stay in your head for days. Both their 2001 album 'Echo Park' and 2002 album 'Comfort in Sound' reached the UK top ten charts, solidifying their position in the music industry. However, some critics argue that their music lacks depth and is too generic.

One of the primary reasons that make Feeder's music so engaging is their impeccable ability to craft catchy hooks. Their songs contain earworm-worthy choruses, lyrics that are easy to sing along with, and rock-heavy instrumentals that make for an enjoyable listening experience. These elements have contributed to their success in the music industry.

Despite the strengths of Feeder's music, there are moments where the band falls short, particularly in terms of artistic depth. Some critics argue that their music lacks unique character and innovation, choosing instead to stick with generic rock tropes. In other words, the band has a consistent sound, which can be comforting for fans but too predictable for some.

One could argue that the band took a risk by experimenting with different sounds and genres in their later albums. For instance, the release of ‘All Bright Electric’ featured a more electronic sound, differing from their previous guitar-heavy style, yet still staying true to their form of well-crafted hooks.

Nevertheless, Feeder has yet to reach the level of creative inventiveness found with some of rock's best bands. They don't have the experimental quality of Radiohead or the iconic sound of Nirvana. In some ways, they lack defining characteristics or appeals that set them apart from their contemporaries.

In conclusion, Feeder's music has enjoyed considerable success for an extended period, with well-crafted songs that have connected with audiences and fans worldwide. However, there are valid arguments against their music, including a lack of artistic depth and experimentation. However, despite these criticisms, there is no doubt that fans love Feeder's music, and they have become a staple of the rock genre in Britain. Ultimately, the debate about how good Feeder's music is remains a subjective matter, and it's up to the individual music listener to decide whether they enjoy it or not.
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1 - Insomnia (CD1)
2 - Come Back Around
3 - Feeling a Moment
4 - High
5 - Seven Days in the Sun
6 - Forget About Tomorrow
7 - Tumble and Fall
8 - Just a Day
9 - Save Us
10 - Yesterday Went Too Soon
11 - Pushing the Senses
12 - Tender
13 - Miss You
14 - Standing on the Edge
15 - Buck Rogers
16 - Comfort In Sound
17 - Just The Way I'm Feeling
18 - Piece By Piece
19 - Lost & Found
20 - We Can't Rewind
21 - Shatter
22 - Turn
23 - Silent Cry
24 - Itsumo
25 - We Are The People
26 - Tracing Lines
27 - Day In Day Out
28 - Just A Day - Edit
29 - Guided By A Voice
30 - Into The Blue
31 - Space
32 - Burn The Bridges
33 - Dry
34 - Fires
35 - Suffocate
36 - Sonorous
37 - Helium
38 - Child In You
39 - Bitter Glass
40 - Who's The Enemy
41 - Waiting For Changes
42 - Find The Colour
43 - Radioman
44 - Heads Held High
45 - 21st Century Meltdown
46 - Frequency
47 - Love Pollution
48 - Morning Life
49 - Tallulah
50 - Soldiers Of Love
2022: Torpedo
2019: Tallulah
2010: Renegades
2008: Silent Cry
2001: Echo Park
1997: Polythene


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