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Highly Suspect

The Rise of Highly Suspect: Exploring Their Best Songs and Iconic Performances
Highly Suspect is a musical trio comprised of Johnny Stevens, Ryan Meyer, and Rich Meyer, who have been taking the rock world by storm in recent years. The band's unique sound and captivating stage presence have earned them critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. In this article, we will take a closer look at the band's musical biography, explore their best songs, and examine some of their most famous concerts.
Highly Suspect hails from Cape Cod and started out as a cover band playing at local bars. It wasn't until the band moved to Brooklyn, New York, that they began to make a name for themselves. After releasing their debut album, Mister Asylum, in 2015, they caught the attention of the music industry with their blues-inspired rock sound. The band's follow-up album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, cemented their place in the music scene, and they have continued to release critically acclaimed albums since then.
When it comes to their best songs, Lydia is undoubtedly one of Highly Suspect's most popular tracks. The song features a strong guitar riff and powerful vocals and showcases the band's ability to write catchy hooks. Another standout track is My Name Is Human, which features electronic elements and a driving drum beat and shows the band's ability to experiment with different genres. Bloodfeather is another fan-favorite, with its dark and brooding lyrics and raw instrumentation.
One of the band's most famous performances was their set at Lollapalooza in 2019. The headlining show was highly anticipated, and Highly Suspect did not disappoint. The band's energy and passion were palpable, and they played a mix of old fan favorites and new tracks that showcased their growth as artists. The concert was a testament to the band's dynamic stage presence and ability to connect with their audience.
Of course, like all bands, Highly Suspect has had its share of critics. Some have accused the band of being derivative, with their music often drawing comparisons to other blues rock artists like The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. However, fans argue that Highly Suspect brings a unique flavor to the genre, and that their music stands on its own. Critics have also complained about the band's sometimes overly-dark lyrics, but others appreciate the honesty and vulnerability in their songwriting.
Highly Suspect is a band that continues to push the boundaries of rock music, experimenting with different sounds and styles while staying true to their blues-inspired roots. Their live performances are legendary, and their music has earned them a dedicated following of fans. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to their music, taking the time to explore Highly Suspect's discography is well worth it. We can't wait to see what this exciting band has in store for us next!


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1 - Lydia
2 - Bath Salts
3 - Fuck Me Up
4 - Guess What
5 - Then Mickey
6 - The Alligator Song
7 - Not Me
8 - My Name Is Human
9 - Bloodfeather
10 - Claudeland
11 - Mister Asylum
12 - Serotonia
13 - Lost
14 - Mom
15 - Wolf
16 - F**k Me Up
17 - Vanity
18 - Chicago
19 - Little One
20 - 16
21 - Upperdrugs
22 - For Billy
23 - Canals
24 - Look Alive, Stay Alive
25 - Send Me An Angel
26 - Postres
27 - 23 (feat. Sasha Dobson)
28 - Viper Strike
29 - F.w.y.t.
30 - Freakstreet
31 - These Days
32 - Fly
33 - Tokyo Ghoul (feat. Young Thug)
34 - @tddybear (feat. Nothing But Thieves)
35 - Arizona
36 - Sos (feat. Gojira)
37 - Tetsuo's Bike
38 - Snow White
39 - Juzo
40 - Taking Off
41 - The Silk Road (feat. Tee Grizzley)
42 - Nairobi (outro)
43 - Serotonia - Live From Spotify Nyc
44 - Lydia [explicit]
45 - Natural Born Killer
46 - Little One (edit)
47 - The Sound
48 - Ice Cold
2019: Mcid


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Louisville, US
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