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The desire to be. If you want to add some joy to your life, music can be the perfect choice. It can bring a positive outlook, an uplifting atmosphere, and happiness into your daily routine. Regardless of your current mental or emotional state, everyone can benefit from music's power to remind us that life has its ups and downs but in the end things will be alright. Finding an authenticity for yourself can come with musical expression. Through singing, playing an instrument or simply listening to your favorite artist's feel good vibes, you can experience the endorphin high that normally follows activities in which we take part in things we care about – like music! Listening to upbeat and optimistic pieces can produce feelings of relaxation, contentment and sometimes, overall wellbeing!

The Power of Happy Music: Finding Authenticity through Musical Expression
We all have those moments when we feel down, overwhelmed, or stressed. But did you know that music can provide the perfect escape and lift us up? Happy music, in particular, can instill positivity and rejuvenate us. From the feel-good beats of pop music to the uplifting rhythms of rock, music has the power to remind us that life is worth living. In this blog post, we will explore the transformative power of happy music and how it can help you find authenticity through musical expression.
Music has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our mental and emotional state. Listening to music releases dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasure and reward, which is why we feel good when we hear our favorite tunes. Happy music, in particular, has the power to evoke positive emotions, lift our spirits, and bring joy and meaning to our lives. From the bouncy beats of bubblegum pop to the infectious rhythms of reggae, music can create a positive atmosphere even in the worst of situations.
Finding authenticity for ourselves can come through musical expression. Through singing, playing an instrument, or even just listening to the music we love, we can tap into our creative spirit and experience an endorphin high that lifts our mood and helps us find meaning in life. Happy music, in particular, can provide a much-needed escape when life seems to weigh us down. It can inspire us to dance, to sing, and to live life to the fullest.
Moreover, happy music has been shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits. It can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system. It can also promote better mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. Listening to upbeat and optimistic music can produce feelings of relaxation, contentment, and overall well-being. It can also stimulate creativity and imagination, helping us explore new possibilities in our lives.
But, finding authenticity through musical expression is not just limited to listening to music. Playing an instrument, singing, or writing your own music can be a powerful way to connect with your creative side and express yourself authentically. The process of creating music can be both cathartic and empowering. It allows us to channel our emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a meaningful way, giving voice to our innermost feelings.
In conclusion, listening to happy music can have a transformative effect on our mental and emotional state. It can lift us up, bring joy and meaning to our lives, and help us find authenticity through musical expression. Whether we're singing in the shower or tapping our feet to the beat, music has the power to transport us to a happier, more positive place. So the next time you're feeling low, crank up your favorite playlist and allow the power of happy music to work its magic.
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Sweet HayaH

Today we present you the inspiring story of Sweet HayaH band. Originally formed in 2011, Sweet HayaH’s founding members were lead vocalist and keyboardist Nehal (pronounced Knee-Hell) Abuelata, guitarist Devin Moreno, bass player Aaron Marquez, and drummer Josh Gardner. Each of these musicians had their own unique musical backgrounds and interests. Nehal, who came to San Jose via Egypt and France, was a singer-songwriter who has vocally been compared to Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Alanis Morissette. Devin’s musical preferences are heavily influenced by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Aaron is a metal guy, and Josh a reggae drummer. The four of them combined to form a genre salad that they called rock/soul/funk. Since the initial founding of the band, they have added trumpet player Brandon Garcia, and percussionist Kosuke Okamura. The band is now officially a sextet, uniquely combining individual musical styles to create a powerfully infectious and high energy brand that draws in people of all ages and backgrounds. The band’s name derives from the Arabic/Hebrew word for life. HayaH is a palindrome, with the first and last “H” intentionally capitalized in the band’s name to emphasize the symmetry. Their music and performances are truly a celebration of the sweetness of life, and how lucky we are to have friends and family in our lives. In 2013, Sweet HayaH released their first full-length album called “Sweet Awakening”. The songs were all written by the band members, highlighted by a powerful single called “The Truth”. This pulsing crowd favorite reminds us that life can be “your best friend and worst enemy….lifts your spirits up and lets you down easily.” During the summer of 2015, Sweet HayaH embarked upon their most ambitious project to date. Along with SF Bay Area musical veteran Todd Jeremias as their producer, the band wrote and recorded their first fully-produced full-length album. “Gentle Lies”. The recordings took place over a time period of several months at multiple recording studios and session. This included two weekends at the famous Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati. A single from the album, “Yourself”, along with an official music video for that song, was released in November 2015. The album was released in April 2016, followed by several shows and festivals in the Bay Area and beyond. Sweet HayaH performed at the Novato Festival of Art, Wine, and Music, the Fremont Festival of the Arts, Napa Porchfest, and Napa City Nights, just to name a few. In October 2016, Sweet HayaH opened a sold-out show at The Independent in San Francisco for the world famous UK based Two-Tone ska band, The Selecter. Sweet HayaH has a song called “Ain’t Looking Back”, which very much summarizes this band’s plans and forward looking thoughts. They hope to bring their positive messages of multi-culturalism and inclusion to fans all over the world. Plans for 2017 and beyond include larger shows and festivals, and tours across North America. Stay tuned!
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