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P.O.D., otherwise known as Payable on Death, has been around since 1992. Their genre is a fusion of hardcore hip hop and heavy metal and their lyrics focus largely on spiritual themes. P.O.D.'s success began with the hit single Southtown that was added to mainstream radio stations everywhere in 1999. Several of the band's most famous songs include Alive, Youth of the Nation, and Boom. They commissioned punk bands such as Mxpx, Less Than Jake, and Sum 41 throughout many of their albums to add diversity to their overall sound. With multiple platinum and gold awards from iconic albums such as Satellite, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, Faceless and Testament Of The Soul: Rise Of Theangels, P.O.D.'s music is enjoyed and appreciated around the world by every generation; they will surely never be forgotten!


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P.O.D.: An Ongoing Musical Journey

If you've been listening to music for the past two decades, there is no doubt in my mind that you have heard of P.O.D., the San Diego based hard rock rap metal band whose hits include Alive and Youth of a Nation. Love them or hate them (most probably both), their longevity - with six full-length albums and countless independent releases since 1998 - speaks volumes about their unique sound that continues to be popular amongst dedicated fans worldwide. This blog post will discuss both poor criticism directed towards the band as well as some positive compliments they earned over time, diving into why each side believes what they do regarding P.O.D.'s musical journey thus far!

P.O.D. is a band that has been around for over two decades, but their music still sounds fresh and relevant today. They have faced their fair share of criticism and praise, and in this blog post, we will look into why. Despite being known for their unique sound that blends hard rock, rap, and metal, it seems like not everyone has been a fan of their music. However, they have also earned some notable compliments over time. Regardless of where you stand on the band, there is no denying that their longevity speaks volumes about their talent and dedication to their craft.

There are critics who argue that P.O.D.'s sound is too formulaic and derivative, with many believing that their music lacks originality. Admittedly, the band has garnered some criticism for what some have considered repetitive songwriting and overused rock themes. However, others argue that P.O.D.'s juxtaposition of hip hop and metal styles sets them apart from the rest of the pack. With a sound that can often be described as a seamless blend of both, P.O.D. has been able to create a truly unique musical identity.

Another recurring criticism that P.O.D. has faced over the years stems from their faith-based lyrics. Some argue that the band's religious themes are overbearing, often overshadowing their musical abilities. However, it is important to note that P.O.D. has always been upfront about their spirituality being intertwined with their music, and their positive messaging has resonated with many fans over the years.

On the flip side, P.O.D. has also earned an abundance of well-deserved praise over the years. Their music has been credited with being able to bridge the gap between the world of rock and the hip hop genre. Fans appreciate the band's ability to seamlessly combine multiple genres and create music that feels both energetic and meaningful. Their lyrical themes often address serious topics such as social justice, mental health, and the impact of society on youth culture. This honest and relatable approach has earned them a dedicated fanbase who continue to support the band's artistic endeavors.

P.O.D.'s longevity in the music industry is a testament to their talent and dedication. Over the years, they have maintained their unique sound even as the music industry has evolved and changed. While they may not always be everyone's cup of tea, there's no denying that P.O.D. has created a legacy in the music industry that should not be understated.

In conclusion, P.O.D. has had an ongoing musical journey that has been filled with both praise and criticism. While some might criticize their formulaic sound and religious themes, many appreciate their unique blend of hard rock and rap, meaningful lyrics, and the positive messages that they impart to their fans. Despite these criticisms, the longevity of the band and their impact on the music industry speak volumes about their talent and continued relevance. Whether you're a longtime fan or casually acquainted with their music, P.O.D. has a sound that is worth experiencing and considering.
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1 - Rock the Party
2 - God Forbid
3 - Eyez
4 - Sleeping Awake
5 - School of Hard Knocks
6 - Youth Of The Nation
7 - Alive
8 - Boom
9 - Southtown
10 - Satellite
11 - Celestial
12 - Set It Off
13 - The Messenjah
14 - Ghetto
15 - Guitarras De Amor
16 - Will You
17 - Thinking About Forever
18 - Masterpiece Conspiracy
19 - Portrait
20 - Goodbye for Now
21 - Ridiculous
22 - Anything Right
23 - Lights Out
24 - Going in Blind
25 - Execute The Sounds
26 - Roots In Stereo
27 - Addicted
28 - Shine With Me
29 - If You Could See Me Now
30 - Without Jah, Nothin'
31 - It Can't Rain Everyday
32 - Change The World
33 - Set Your Eyes To Zion
34 - Find My Way
35 - Revolution
36 - When Angels & Serpents Dance
37 - This Time
38 - Condescending
39 - Tell Me Why
40 - Wildfire
41 - Strength Of My Life
42 - Asthma
43 - End Of The World
44 - On The Grind
45 - This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song
46 - Sounds Like War
47 - Lost In Forever
48 - Mistakes & Glories
49 - Freedom Fighters
50 - Bad Boy
51 - On Fire
52 - Boom (crystal Method Remix)
53 - Speed Demon
54 - Beautiful


2023-10-06 h: 20:00
Rock & Brews
Los Angeles (LA), US
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