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Mutha's Day Out


Mutha's Day Out is an alternative metal band formed in November 1991 from the town of Batesville, Arkansas.
A Tribute to Mutha's Day Out: A Band's Journey through Music
When it comes to alternative rock bands, Mutha's Day Out may not have been the most famous one out there. However, their unique sound and rock-solid talent were enough to capture the hearts of many music lovers during their prime in the 90s. In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at the band's history, genre, famous songs, concerts, and critics.
Mutha's Day Out was a band that originated in Jefferson City, Missouri in the early 90s. The band started as a three-piece group and eventually expanded to a quintet. The band's music was a blend of different genres such as metal, alternative rock, and funk metal that created an exceptional sound. Their self-titled debut album in 1993 was a huge success and placed them on mainstream outlets like MTV. The album showcased their versatility in creating furious riffs in songs like Locked and catchy melodies in Green.
Apart from their self-titled album, Mutha's Day Out released another album in 1996 titled, 'My Soul is Wet,' which wasn't as successful as the first album. The band later split up, with some members scoring gigs in other bands. However, their contribution to alternative rock during their prime years will always be remembered.
Mutha's Day Out's genre could be described as a blend of rock and metal. They incorporated funk-like beats, heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums that made their music unique. One of their most popular songs, 'Locked' showcased the band's ability to create a heavy metal backbone and insane guitar riffs mixed with a distorted bassline. This song has become a classic of the 90s alternative rock era.
Another popular Mutha's Day Out song is 'What U See/We All Bleed Red.' The song boasted a melody that was captivating and memorable. The lyrics held a powerful message of unity and anti-discrimination. Many listeners connected with the song's chorus, What U C is what u get/We all bleed red. The way the song combined a message of unity with a groovy beat is likely the reason it gained popularity.
When it comes to popular concerts Mutha's Day Out played over the years, one gig that stands out is their radio gig at 'The Edge' in St.Louis in 1993. The band played a show for a small audience at The Edge studios that got recorded and later broadcasted over the radio station. Their lively performance kept the audience engaged throughout the show, and many listeners called into the station to give positive feedback about the performance.
Regarding a critic, with a sound as unique as Mutha's Day Out, it's not surprising that critics had their opinions. One reviewer from the music magazine 'Mute Print' described the band's music as Tighter than Green Day, more grooves than Living Colour, and with much better vocals than Helmet. Other critics appreciated the polished sound and production of their music because it wasn't easy to achieve.
Mutha's Day Out's music is an excellent example of the music scene of the 90s and the versatility of highly talented musicians. Their experimental sound, which blends several genres, is still appreciated today by many who look back to the era of rock and metal. Their music provided a balance between the heavy and the groovy and was one of a kind. Although the band left a legacy that will never be replicated, their legacy goes beyond their music, as they will be remembered as one of the most authentic bands in history.
1 - The Gears of War
2 - Locked
3 - What U See/We All Bleed Red
4 - My Soul Is Wet
5 - Memories Fade
6 - Breakfast First Please
7 - Get A Clue
8 - Ugly
9 - Blank Page
10 - Dry Water
11 - What U See