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Electro swing

Modern version of swing, the music that for years led teenagers to go wild on the dance floor. Infusions of retro electronic, rap and house on bass scaling. Revitalizing. Electro swing music is an electrifying combination of vintage 1920s electro beats with The Great Gatsby-esque jazz melodies. This genre offers a truly unique, upbeat listening experience. The antique crackly sound gives these songs a nostalgic, old fashioned feel that faithfully captures the excitement and jubilance of days long gone by. Many people have come to love this rising style -- for many, a single listen is enough to spark an infatuation that lasts for years. From its roots in the Parisian nightclubs of the early 20th century up through today's ever popular EDM festivals, electro swing music has truly solidified itself as an integral part of musical history! Electro swing is a music genre that mixes vintage sounds and styles of jazz and swing with electronic dance music, house and hip hop.