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Neo soul

The leadership of these incredible voices that feed power to the words that take us inside their free and prophetic spirits. Music has evolved throughout the decades, giving us a unique sound called Neo Soul. This genre of music blends elements from soul, funk, r&b, hip hop and jazz among others. Notable artists that have adopted and are known for their expression of this style include Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Jill Scott. It has gained popularity around the world since emerging in the mid-1990s with its emphasis to returning soul music to a more simplistic form. Its core consist of distinguishing lyrical content and musical composition that empowers an authentic urban musical experience. Even to this day we all take part in some form when engaging with Neo Soul music. Neo soul is a contemporary pop music genre that mixes soul and R&B, being influenced by jazz, hip hop and African traditional music.



Let's increase our self-esteem by listening to music! A neo soul experience.

New year, time for resolutions. Working on our self-esteem can be a good starting point, and the chances of success increase considerably if we are helped by listening to a song!
It has been shown that listening to a song that conveys a positive message has the power to positively influence our mood by helping us to see reality more optimistically and helping to lower our stress level to improve opinion that we have of ourselves.
But how does this process work? And what are the songs that more than others get this result? Let’s say at once that there are no songs that in themselves can be indicated for the purpose, to make them such is a set of factors that, in addition to the very content of the song, include our tastes, our expectations and personal experiences.
To this is added a crucial element: empathy. When between us who listen and the artist who performs a song snaps this factor, it becomes spontaneous to identify ourselves in what the song expresses and make its content ours. If the song transmits a positive self-assessment, we will be led to evaluate ourselves in a more lenient way. The message expressed becomes an additional weapon that helps to cope with everyday difficulties in a more optimistic and determined way.
That said, it also follows how music can be able to guide our behavior and our way of thinking. Our cognitive process can be influenced by our sympathy for an artist. If we think about the large number of people that can be reached by a song, we realize the strong power that these have to convey and transmit a message until it is shared by a multitude of listeners.
We know that music has always played an important role in society. It has accompanied important moments such as the struggles against discrimination, has given rise to fashions and new lifestyles, but in addition to creating social cohesion and shared messages, we must also recognize music’s ability to influence our relationship with ourselves.
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