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The encounter between black and white music, an intense and concentrated explosion of musical improvisation, entrancing and free. For sophisticated ears, comfortably relaxing. Jazz is a complex fusion of blues and swing rhythms, intricate harmonies and intense improvisation. When you close your eyes to listen to a jazz piece, it feels like each musician is expressing an individual story or emotion that weaves together with the rest of the orchestra. Whether theyÕre playing handwritten scores or taking their solo to new limits every time, jazz music brings a unique flavor that guarantees to put your soul in a groove! It's no wonder why some find solace in jazz: combining elements of healing mastery with artistic vigour creates an accessible music for everyone. The features that distinguish jazz style are improvisation, swing tempo, the poliritmia and use of blue notes.


Jazz features and brief history

The Jazz was born in African American communities in the Southern United States. The features that distinguish this style are improvisation, swing tempo , the poliaritmia and feeling melancholy determined by the use of blue notes. This genre that was born from a meeting of African and European music traditions , has over time further contaminated , evolving in a variety of styles and subgenres.

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