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Leño is a unique artist, who has created a distinct musical history throughout his career. Spanning across best songs and historical albums, each of Leño's records continue to capture the imaginations of aspiring musicians. Drawing influence from regional cultures, Leño artfully delivers themes through powerful melodies and high-energy arrangements. His distinctive sound is shaped by the perfect blend of traditional instruments merged with modern production techniques. With every listening experience, listeners will pick up different nuances from his mysterious records full of soulful music.
Discovering the Musical Journey of Leño - from Rock to Punk
Music has been a part of our lives since time immemorial, and one of the most influential genres is rock music. In the late 70s, Spain witnessed a burgeoning rock music scene with the birth of punk rock, and one of the most notable artists in this scene was Leño. Formed in Madrid in 1978, this band is credited with bringing punk rock to Spain's mainstream audience. In this blog post, we'll explore the musical biography of Leño, their best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic's take on their music.
Leño's musical journey started when Rosendo Mercado, the lead vocalist, and lead guitarist formed a rock group named Flores a la Tumba (Flowers on the tomb) in 1976. However, after a few gigs, the band disbanded, and Rosendo formed a new group. In 1978, the freshly formed band, Leño, played live for the first time. Their brand of music was a fusion of American rock 'n' roll, British punk rock, and traditional Spanish music.
Leño's first album, Leño released in 1979, contained eight tracks, including Este Madrid, Castigo, and El Tren. The album's melodies showcased their punk-rock musical style with the signature guitar solos and raspy vocals. Their second album, Más Madera came in 1980, cementing their position in the Spanish music industry. This album featured a more polished punk sound, making it one of their best works. ¡Que Desilusión! and Maneras de Vivir became instant hits and remain fan favorites to date.
Leño's music genre can be classified as punk-rock with influences from rock and roll and traditional Spanish folk music. They created a unique sound by fusing these genres, creating a signature sound that's instantly recognizable. Leño's music had a raw, unpolished sound that appealed to the working-class youth in Spain. The band's authentic style and honest lyrics resonated with the masses, making them one of the most beloved rock bands in Spain.
Leño's concerts are legendary, and the band was known for their high-energy performances. In Madrid's La Riviera in 1982, they played a concert that became famous and the stuff of legends. The band played for over four hours, playing all their hits and covers they enjoyed. The entire audience sang along with their songs, and the energy was electric. Leño's concerts became the meeting place of the Spanish youth, where they could sing, dance, and feel free.
Leño received widespread critical acclaim for their music, and their popularity never waned. Their music was raw and honest, and it resonated with the masses. Critics lauded the band's unique sound, and their influence on Spanish rock music is undeniable.
Leño's musical journey was unique and groundbreaking. Their music was born out of a mix of rock 'n' roll, punk rock, and traditional Spanish folk music. Their influences can be heard in the music of contemporary Spanish rock bands, and their impact on the Spanish music industry can't be overstated. If you're a fan of honest lyrics, raw guitar solos, and punk-rock melodies, then Leño is the band for you. Check out their music on Spotify or YouTube and experience the energy of their live performances.
1 - Maneras De Vivir
2 - El Tren
3 - How Polished Boulders Carried Us Along
4 - Sorprendente
5 - Este Madrid
6 - ¡corre, Corre!
7 - Cucarachas
8 - Entre Las Cejas
9 - El Oportunista
10 - ¡que Tire La Toalla!
11 - La Noche De Que Te Hablé
12 - Sodoma Y Chabola
13 - La Fina
14 - Mientras Tanto
15 - Se Acabó
16 - Sí Señor, Sí Señor
17 - Calendario
18 - ¡que Desilusión!
19 - Apágalas
20 - Como Debe De Ser
21 - Insisto
22 - No Lo Entiendo
23 - Castigo
24 - Lo Que Acabas De Elegir
25 - Sin Solución
26 - No Se Vende El Rock & Roll
27 - No Voy Más Lejos
28 - Todo Es Más Sencillo
29 - La Nana
30 - ¿dónde Está La Salvación?
31 - Aprendiendo A Escuchar