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Seguridad Social es un grupo español de rock formado en 1982 por José Manuel Casany en Benetússer, Valencia.
The Spanish Icon: Seguridad Social
Spanish music, like any other culture, has its own unique flair and flavor. There are hundreds of artists who have made waves in the music industry, some with international success, but few have garnered the impact that Seguridad Social has. This band has made a name for itself with their energetic performances, lively voice, and socially conscious messages. In this blog post, we will explore their musical biography, genre, and best songs. We'll also look at some of their famous concerts and add a critic's touch.
Seguridad Social is a Spanish rock band formed in 1982 by José Manuel Casañ. The band, which has changed members only a few times, has stayed faithful to its style of rock and roll music. Starting with their debut album Seguridad Social in 1984, the band has successfully released more than 20 albums throughout their career. One of the band's unique offerings is their blend of social issues with a party sound, which makes all their songs very danceable and pleasing to the ear.
Their genre of music is primarily rock and roll, with an addition of various other styles. The band is well-known for their usage of Spanish folk, blues, jazz, and a slightly punk edge. Another unique feature of Seguridad Social's music is their lyrics always carry a message that focuses on social issues, taking a political stance or has an environmental flavor. The band is known for burst of energy, their lively sound and performances filled with activities.
One of Seguridad Social's most popular songs in Spain is Chiquilla, a song about teenage love that was a hit in 1989. The song became so popular that it was used in the soundtrack of the film Todos los hombres sois iguales. Quiero tener tu presencia, which is from their 1991 album, has a pop-oriented melody line, while the lyrics address communication, desire, and love. Comerranas is another song that mostly addresses social issues, calling for the end of hunger, and inequitable distribution of wealth in the world. Aupa lumbreiras is our critic’s favourite, a punk-like rock song that raves about worker’s rights and social progression.
Seguridad Social maintains a wildly loyal following in Spain, and their concerts are always energetic happenings. One of their most iconic concerts is the one they gave in 1992 at the Seville Olympic Stadium. Over 65,000 fans gathered to watch them perform and make that show a historic moment. Another note-worthy concert was the one they played in 1995 in Peralta. At the time, this had become the biggest festival in Spain and the audience had more than 20,000 energetic fans. Over the past few years, Seguridad Social has continued to play to sell-out crowds, and their concerts are hotly anticipated by fans of all ages across the world.
Seguridad Social has a rich musical biography of over 38 years of singing and producing albums. The Spanish rock band has a unique sound that blends various styles, including punk and jazz, and addresses social issues with an energetic sound that's pleasing to the ear. Their music is timeless and they have gained a massive following in their native country and worldwide. Seguridad Social continues to play sold-out shows and concert halls, an indication of the intense appeal of their music. Each of the band's many songs is a testament to the power of their message and their contribution to Spanish rock, making Seguridad Social an artist that will undoubtedly continue to inspire new generations of music enthusiasts.

Seguridad Social: The Legendary Spanish Rock Band

The music world is full of artists that have made an impact with their unique style and sound. One of them is Seguridad Social, a Spanish rock band that has been entertaining listeners for decades. From their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs, this article will delve into the musical biography of Seguridad Social.

Seguridad Social was formed in Valencia, Spain, in 1982 by José Manuel Casañ and Carlos Escobedo. They started as a punk band, but over time, they evolved into a more eclectic style that blended rock, ska, reggae, and punk. Their mix of styles and energetic performances quickly caught the attention of music lovers all over Spain.

Their first album, ¡Chiquilla! was released in 1989 and became an instant hit. The album featured some of their most famous songs, including Chiquilla, Mi Rumba Tarumba, and La Tumba. Their second album, Furiosa, came out in 1990, and it consolidated their success. It included hits like Me Siento Bien, No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas and Que Corra la Nicotina.

Seguridad Social's third album, Introglicerina, released in 1994, marked a further evolution in their sound. The album included collaborations with artists from different genres, such as Enrique Morente, Amparanoia, and Los Delinqüentes. The most popular song of the album was A Tientas y Barrancas featuring Reyes El Perro and later played a key role in the soundtrack of the Spanish Revolution blockbuster film Los Santos Inocentes.

Their next few albums, like La Encrucijada, released in 1997, and En La Boca Del Volcán, released in 2001, cemented their place as one of the most famous rock bands in Spain. They continued to experiment with different genres and sounds, making their music even more innovative. Their creativity didn't stop with albums. In 2005 they released the acoustic DVD 25 Aniversario y Más, which featured some of their most popular songs revisited with the collaboration of other Spanish bands like Amaral, La Cabra Mecánica, Elbicho, y La Vaca Azul.

Seguridad Social's infectious music and lively performances have won over countless fans over the years. From their punk roots to their current eclectic style, they have shown a willingness to experiment that sets them apart from many other bands. Whether you're a long-time fan or discovering their music for the first time, Seguridad Social is one band that should be on every music lover's playlist. So, what are you waiting for? Let Seguridad Social's music take you on a journey through their musical history today!
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1 - Acci?n
2 - Un Beso Y Una Flor
3 - A tontas y a locas
4 - Mi rumba tarumba
5 - Chiquilla
6 - Quiero Tener Tu Presencia
7 - Me Siento Bien
8 - Salta
9 - Acuarela
10 - Ay Tenochtitlan!
11 - Calavera
12 - Skabanana
13 - El viajero
14 - Comerranas
15 - El Mundo
16 - Corazon loco
17 - Comerranas - Directo
18 - Wish You Were Here
19 - El Ritmo Del Corazón
20 - Que No Se Extinga La Llama
21 - Que Te Voy A Dar
22 - A Chi Li Pu
23 - El Rock De Una Noche De Verano
24 - La Camisa De Once Varas