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Caifanes is a Spanish-language rock (Rock en Español) band from Mexico City formed in 1987. They achieved fame throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.


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The Musical Biography of Caifanes: A Journey Through Mexico's Rock Scene

Mexico's music scene has always been vibrant and diverse, but in the 80s and 90s, a new wave of musicians emerged that would redefine the country's rock scene. One of the most iconic and influential bands of that era is Caifanes. With their unique blend of rock, new wave, and traditional Mexican music, Caifanes pioneers a sound that would become a hallmark of the Mexican rock scene. In this article, we'll take a journey through Caifanes' musical biography, exploring the band's beginnings, their most famous albums, and their most memorable songs.

Caifanes formed in Mexico City in 1987, but the band's roots can be traced back to an earlier group called Las Insolitas Imágenes de Aurora. Three of the Aurora members - Saúl Hernández, Alfonso André, and Sabo Romo - would go on to form the core of Caifanes. The band's sound was heavily influenced by British post-punk bands like Joy Division and The Cure, as well as traditional Mexican music. In their early days, Caifanes played small clubs and theaters, but soon became one of the most popular bands on Mexico City's burgeoning rock scene.

In 1988, Caifanes released their self-titled debut album, which quickly became a commercial and critical success. The album featured hit songs like La Celula Que Explota, Nubes, and Mátenme Porque Me Muero. The album's success cemented Caifanes' place in the Mexican rock scene and helped usher in a new era of Mexican rock that would see bands like Café Tacvba and Molotov rise to prominence.

Caifanes followed up their debut album with a string of successful releases. Their second album, El Diablito, was a critical success and featured the hit songs Afuera and La Negra Tomasa. The band's third album, El Silencio, was their biggest commercial success and featured hit songs like No Dejes Que... and Antes de que Nos Olviden. Throughout the 90s, Caifanes continued to tour and release music, but tensions between band members eventually led to the band's breakup in 1995.

Despite the breakup, the legacy of Caifanes continued to grow. The band's music has been covered by numerous artists, and their influence is still felt today in the Mexican rock scene and beyond. In 2011, the band reunited for a successful tour and has continued to perform on and off since then.

Caifanes' music is characterized by its unique blend of rock, new wave, and traditional Mexican music. The band's use of indigenous instruments and poetic lyrics about Mexican culture and society set them apart from other bands of the time. Caifanes' music is a reflection of Mexico's rich cultural heritage, and their legacy in the country's rock scene is a testament to the band's lasting impact.

Caifanes' musical biography is a story of innovation, influence, and legacy. From their early days on Mexico City's rock scene to their commercial success and eventual breakup, Caifanes' impact on Mexican music cannot be overstated. The band's unique sound and cultural significance continue to inspire musicians and connect with audiences worldwide. If you're a fan of rock music, or just interested in exploring the rich musical history of Mexico, Caifanes is a band that should not be missed.
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1 - La Negra Tomasa
2 - La Celula Que Explota
3 - Nubes
4 - Para que no digas que no pienso en ti
5 - Afuera
6 - No Dejes Que...
7 - Perdi Mi Ojo De Venado
8 - Viento
9 - Los Dioses Ocultos
10 - Ayer Me Dijo Un Ave
11 - Miedo
12 - Quisiera Ser Alcohol
13 - Aqui No Es Asi
14 - Amanece
15 - Avientame
16 - Antes De Que Nos Olviden
17 - Piedra
18 - Hasta Morir
19 - Matenme Porque Me Muero
20 - Debajo De Tu Piel
21 - Cuéntame Tu Vida
22 - Aquí No Es Así
23 - Te Estoy Mirando
24 - De Noche Todos Los Gatos Son Pardos
25 - Estás Dormida
26 - Nos Vamos Juntos
27 - La Llorona
28 - Detras De Ti
29 - Sombras En Tiempos Perdidos
30 - La Bestia Humana
31 - Hasta Que Dejes De Respirar
32 - Nunca Me Voy A Transformar En Ti
33 - La Vida No Es Eterna
34 - No Dejes Que
35 - El Comunicador
36 - El Animal
37 - Tortuga
38 - Nada
39 - Pero Nunca Me Caí
40 - Vamos A Hacer Un Silencio
41 - Aquí No Pasa Nada
42 - El Negro Cósmico
43 - Miércoles De Ceniza
44 - El Elefante
1988: Caifanes


2023-12-08 h: 20:30
Palacio de los Deportes
Mexico City, Mexico
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