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MxPx is an American punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington founded in 1992 as Magnified Plaid. The band has skate punk and pop punk leanings, with connections to the pop punk scene. As one of the pioneers of punk rock, MxPx has become a modern staple in today's alternative and pop punk scenes. Coming out with their self-titled album back in 1994, the band has released 13 successful studio albums full to the brim with great songs and amazing music. Over the years, fans both old and new continue to love bops like Responsibility”, Tomorrow’s Another Day” and Chick Magnet” off some of our favorite albums including Life In General, Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo and At The Show. Not only have these three singles been too easily cited as some of MxPx's best songs, there also lies other noteworthy tracks like Theme from an Unwritten Story” from Pokinatcha, or Panic from the 1999 Punk Rock is My Shepherd LP. There are plenty gems across the Pacific Northwest natives extensive discography for all kinds of music lovers out there. Check it out!
The Story of MxPx: From Sleepless Nights to Punk Rock Legends
Hailing from Bremerton, Washington, MxPx has been one of the most influential punk rock bands of the past few decades. Since their inception in 1992, MxPx has been churning out infectious punk rock tunes that have become a mainstay in the alternative music scene. Known for their fast-paced, upbeat sound and socially conscious lyrics, MxPx has amassed a loyal following of fans who can't get enough of their catchy tunes. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the world of MxPx, exploring their musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and what critics have to say about their music.
MxPx started in high school when Mike Herrera, Yuri Ruley, and Andy Husted came together and started playing music. It wasn't until they released their first album, Pokinatcha, in 1994 that they started gaining national attention. The album was well-received and even landed them a record deal with Tooth & Nail Records. But it was their third album, Life in General, that really put them on the map. The album was a massive success, selling over 400,000 copies and propelling them into the mainstream.
MxPx's music is heavily influenced by both punk rock and pop music, which has given them a distinct sound that's been hard to imitate. Their music often features fast-paced drumming, catchy guitar riffs, and relatable lyrics that resonate with their fans. Their punk rock anthems are laced with political and social commentary, addressing issues like inequality, corruption, and challenged authority figures.
Some of MxPx's best-known songs include Chick Magnet, Move to Bremerton, and Responsibility. Chick Magnet is arguably their most successful song to date, with over 20 million Spotify streams. The song features driving guitar riffs and a catchy chorus that's impossible not to sing along to. Move to Bremerton is another crowd-pleaser that showcases the band's signature sound, while Responsibility has a more introspective tone with lyrics that encourage listeners to take ownership of their actions.
MxPx has also gained a reputation for their high-energy live performances. They're known for putting on a spectacular show that gets their fans pumped up and jumping around. In 2019, MxPx celebrated their 25th anniversary with a sold-out concert at the Showbox in Seattle that saw them playing all their classic hits from their early career, proving that their music has stood the test of time.
Critics have also recognized MxPx's contribution to the punk rock scene. They've been praised for their authenticity and originality, with their music often being compared to other punk legends like The Ramones and Green Day. MxPx's socially conscious lyrics have also been noted, with Rolling Stone Magazine once writing that MxPx make punk rock with a heart.
MxPx has been an important presence in the alternative music scene for over two decades. From their humble beginnings in high school to their current status as punk rock legends, their music continues to inspire and resonate with fans all over the world. With their catchy tunes, socially conscious lyrics, and high-energy live performances, MxPx has solidified their place in music history.
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Why MxPx is More Than Just a Pop Punk Band

MxPx is one of the greatest pop punk bands to ever hit the scene, with a unique style that blends together raw energy and catchy melodies. The band's thoughtful lyrics and melodic sound have earned them a solid fan base across multiple generations of music listeners. However, just like any artist, MxPx is not without its flaws. Sure, they may never be mistaken for a critically acclaimed best-of kind of act but beneath all criticism lies something good about the quintet from Bremerton Washington--and that’s what we are here to unpack today!

Do you remember the early 2000s? The time when pop punk was all the rage? If you were a teen back then, you probably had a few MxPx songs on your playlist. This Washington state trio stood out with their infectious tunes and catchy lyrics, and were often compared to big names like blink-182 and Green Day. Sure, their punk-pop sound was fun and energizing, but it's time to acknowledge that MxPx is so much more than that.

First of all, MxPx has always been about the lyrics. Their songs are relatable and heartfelt, reflecting on themes like love, self-doubt, and societal pressures. Unlike many of their pop punk peers, they don't rely on profanity or shock value to get their point across. Instead, their words pack a punch through honesty and vulnerability. Just listen to Chick Magnet or Move to Bremerton and you'll understand what we're talking about.

Moreover, MxPx has always had a DIY ethos that sets them apart from other pop punk acts. They formed their own record label, Tooth & Nail, in the early 90s when they couldn't get signed by any major labels. This move paved the way for other independent punk bands to emerge and gain recognition. MxPx also took control of their music production, often self-producing their albums. This gave them full creative control and allowed them to experiment with different sounds. They even recorded an acoustic album, Life in General, which showcased their versatility and musicianship.

Another reason why MxPx deserves more credit is their longevity. The band has been consistently making music since 1992, releasing over ten studio albums and numerous EPs. They've weathered the ups and downs of the music industry and have remained loyal to their fans. Even though they've never had a massive commercial success, they continue to tour and record, proving that their music is more than just a passing trend.

It's also worth mentioning that MxPx has always been politically active and socially conscious. They've used their platform to support various causes, from the anti-war movement to LGBTQ+ rights. Their influence extends beyond their music, as they've collaborated with organizations like Invisible Children and World Vision on humanitarian projects. They may not be outspoken activists, but they definitely make a difference through their actions.

In conclusion, MxPx is a band that deserves more recognition for their impact on the pop punk scene and beyond. They may be labeled as a one-hit wonder or a nostalgia act, but their music and ethos are more relevant than ever. So next time you hear their hit song Responsibility on the radio, don't dismiss them as just another cheesy punk band. Take a deeper dive into their discography and appreciate them for what they really are: a group of talented musicians with a message.
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1 - Responsibility
2 - Wrecking Hotel Rooms
3 - Punk Rawk Show
4 - Secret Weapon
5 - Doing Time
6 - Chick Magnet
7 - My Life Story
8 - I'm Ok, You're Ok
9 - (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles
10 - Heard That Sound
11 - The Darkest Places
12 - Grey Skies Turn Blue
13 - Party, My House, Be There
14 - Quit Your Life
15 - Young and Depressed
16 - Move to Bremerton
17 - First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives
18 - GSF
19 - Shut It Down
20 - Tomorrow's Another Day
21 - I'm Ok, You're Ok
22 - Want Ad
23 - Cold And All Alone
24 - Play It Loud
25 - Under Lock And Key
26 - Emotional Anarchist
27 - Middlename
28 - Do Your Feet Hurt
29 - Without You
30 - Teenage Politics
31 - Cold Streets
32 - The Story
33 - Summer Of 69
34 - Brokenhearted
35 - Take On Me
36 - Late Again
37 - Invitation To Understanding
38 - Andrea
39 - (i'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles
40 - You're On Fire
41 - Christmas Night Of Zombies
42 - Kicking And Screaming
43 - Call In Sick
44 - Well Adjusted
45 - Let It Happen
46 - Everything Sucks (when You're Gone)
47 - Here's To The Life
48 - The Wonder Years
49 - This Weekend
50 - Angels


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