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Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum (born 20 August 1979)[1] is an English jazz-pop singer, songwriter and radio presenter. Although primarily a vocalist and pianist, he also accompanies himself on other instruments, including guitar and drums. He has recorded nine studio albums, three compilation albums, one live album and twenty-four singles.
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Jamie Cullum: A Musical Journey from Humble Beginnings to International Stardom

Jamie Cullum, an English singer-songwriter and jazz pianist, is well-known for his unique music style that combines jazz, pop, and rock. He has come a long way since his first album, Heard it All Before, which he recorded in the living room of his parents' home. Cullum has released several more albums over the years, and each one showcases his growth as a musician and artist. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into Jamie Cullum's musical biography, starting with his beginnings and moving on to his most famous albums and songs. We will also take a look at Cullum's musical style and influences, giving you insight into what makes him such a unique and celebrated artist.

Jamie Cullum was born on August 20th, 1979, in Rochford, Essex, England. He started playing music at a young age, thanks to his parents' encouragement. His mother was a secretary and his father worked as a finance manager, but they both loved music and passed that passion down to their son. As a child, Cullum started playing piano and guitar, and by the time he was a teenager, he was performing in local jazz clubs. He studied English Literature and Film Studies at the University of Reading, but his love for music was always present. After university, he signed a record deal with Universal and released his first album, Heard it All Before, in 1999.

Cullum's second album, Pointless Nostalgic, was released in 2002 and showed his growth as a musician. He started to incorporate more jazz elements into his music, and his cover of Pharrell Williams' Frontin' became a hit. His third album, Twentysomething, released in 2003, was even more successful as it garnered him a nomination for a BRIT Award for Best Male Artist. The album features the well-known songs These Are The Days and Everlasting Love.

In 2005, Cullum released his fourth album, Catching Tales, which had a mix of genres from rock to hip hop. The album featured a cover of Jeff Buckley's Lover You Should've Come Over, which would become a fan favorite. His fifth album, The Pursuit, released in 2009, was a critical success, and it showcased his continued growth as an artist. The album featured songs like I'm All Over It and Wheels that highlighted his ability to blend different genres.

Cullum's music style is unique because it blends different genres, such as jazz, rock, and pop. He is also known for his energetic live shows and his talent as a pianist. Throughout his career, Cullum has been influenced by musicians like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Miles Davis. In addition, his love for literature and film has influenced his songwriting, giving his music a poetic feel.

Jamie Cullum's journey from his early beginnings in Essex to becoming a celebrated musician and artist is a testament to his talent and dedication. His music style and ability to blend genres make his music stand out, and his continued growth and experimentation make him an artist to watch. Cullum is a unique and gifted musician, and his musical biography is sure to inspire anyone who loves music. We hope this blog post has given you insight into the life and career of Jamie Cullum, and we encourage you to check out his music if you haven't already.
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1 - All At Sea
2 - What A Difference A Day Made
3 - Don't Stop The Music
4 - Get Your Way
5 - Wind Cries Mary
6 - Mind Trick
7 - I Get A Kick Out Of You
8 - I Could Have Danced All Night
9 - But For Now
10 - Blame It On My Youth
11 - London Skies
12 - Everlasting Love
13 - Photograph
14 - Old Devil Moon
15 - High And Dry
16 - Nothing I Do
17 - If I Ruled The World
18 - Devil May Care
19 - 21st Century Kid
20 - Catch The Sun
21 - Wheels
22 - Just One Of Those Things
23 - My Yard
24 - Back To The Ground
25 - Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
26 - You And Me Are Gone
27 - Mixtape
28 - I Can't Get Started
29 - Well You Needn't
30 - Frontin'
31 - I Think, I Love
32 - Gran Torino
33 - We Run Things
34 - Not While I'm Around
35 - You And The Night And The Music
36 - Not While I'm Around
37 - It Ain't Necessarily So
38 - Well You Needn't
39 - Lover, You Should Have Come Over
40 - Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
41 - Our Day Will Come
42 - 7 Days To Change Your Life
43 - Next Year, Baby
44 - Oh God
45 - I'm Glad There Is You
46 - I Only Have Eyes For You
47 - It's About Time
48 - I'm All Over It
49 - Singin' In The Rain
50 - Twentysomething
51 - These Are The Days
52 - I'd Probably Do It Again
53 - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You


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