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System crisis

The black hand that frightens. Tune in for reports of a mounting music system crisis! We're facing a widespread issue of sound quality and equipment malfunction. Experts have expressed concern; the symptoms have been unprecedented and unpredictable. With most components antiquated, it's become increasingly difficult to access functional parts. As a result, numerous users have encountered terrible issues with intonation and frequency response. Meanwhile, there is limited support from experts and insufficient funds from the government to address the situation. Consequently, it will take an organized effort across sectors to complement technologies and services to ensure a sustainable future for everyone involved in the musical ecosystem.
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The invisible revolution of classified documents

The recent unveiling of compromising, classified documents has exposed unethical spying practices involving states and powerful corporations. Each day a new drop leaks, like a basinful of confidential information that cannot hold water any longer. The leaks have become a heavy rain: Swissleaks, Vatileaks, Wikileaks,Bankleaks. Daring Robin Hoods share news that could overturn a system already bent under the blows of scoops. And we work, we get home, we turn the TV on and start channel surfing. And then, we go to sleep.
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