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A liberating, decisive gesture. Every sound can take you on an adventure with its melodious notes. Music, specifically, provides its own unique escape. With the right track and occasionally a little imagination, you can find yourself in your personal sanctuary: shaking off constraints while racking up life experiences to benefit both mind and soul. Music knows no bounds; thriving beyond all chains to achieve liberation in sound, flowing like rivers onto shore with energy and life. Having already debunked centuries’ worth of unwritten regulations about what certain genres should be assigned for certain occasions or purposes, music has constructed its own liberated land of beats molded by multi-faceted tastes, ultimately seeking only what the passionate artist puts into it. Nowhere else can getting wild to the music bring you closer together with strangers but the open sand or dirty concrete Jungle of YouTube playlists or local concerts. All night long ‘til breakfast, music at dusk defin
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