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George Winston

George Winston (born 1949) is an American pianist who was born in Michigan, and grew up mainly in Miles City, Montana, as well as Mississippi and Florida.

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Fragrant Fields



The Unique Artistry of George Winston: Criticisms and Appreciation

George Winston is a unique artist whose music has earned him broad recognition and appreciation. Despite his phenomenal success in the music industry, many of his critics find that there are still flaws to be addressed when it comes to the way he structures and performs his compositions. On the other hand, fans of George Winston have enjoyed many years of excellent music from this talented musician - seemingly impervious to negative reviews or criticism. In this blog post we will explore both sides of the debate by looking critically at some criticisms directed towards George Winston's work while also offering an appreciation for how he has innovated contemporary folk-like piano playing over several decades.

For many years, George Winston has delighted music lovers with his unique blend of contemporary folk-like piano playing. His compositions are loved by many and have earned him numerous accolades in the music industry. However, despite his phenomenal success, George Winston is not immune to criticism. Some critics have identified flaws in his work, questioning the way he structures and performs his compositions. In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the debate, offering a balanced and critical analysis of George Winston's work, while also appreciating how he has innovated the contemporary music landscape.

One of the criticisms leveled against George Winston's music is that it can be too repetitive. Some critics have suggested that his compositions lack the depth and complexity that other contemporary pianists bring to their music. Conversely, Winston's fans argue that his music is minimalistic, and the repetition is a significant part of the charm. They say that his music has a way of drawing you in and creating an immersive atmosphere that is both soothing and calming.

Another criticism that Winston has faced is that he relies too heavily on existing melodies. Some have suggested that his music sounds more like covers than original compositions. However, it's worth noting that Winston has always been open about his influences, and he frequently incorporates themes from other genres, such as jazz and blues, into his work. His fans appreciate this eclectic approach to his music, and it's one reason why his compositions remain relevant today.

George Winston's style of playing the piano has also been criticized. Some have said that he plays with little technical wizardry and that his playing can sound amateurish. However, Winston's fans argue that his simple, direct approach to the piano is precisely what makes his music unique. His unorthodox playing style has influenced several contemporary artists, including William Ackerman and Liz Story. For his fans, his music is an acquired taste, but it's one worth acquiring.

Despite these criticisms, George Winston has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of contemporary pianism. He has crafted an impressive and diverse body of work that spans several decades, and his influence on the contemporary music scene cannot be overstated. His music has touched countless lives, providing solace and comfort to those who seek it.

In the final analysis, George Winston's music is not without its faults. However, it's important to appreciate the contributions he has made to the contemporary music landscape. His unique blend of folk-like piano playing, minimalism, and simple melodies has created a significant impact upon the genre. His fans appreciate his eclectic approach to his music, and he has inspired several contemporary pianists, who now carry on his legacy. In closing, let us appreciate George Winston's work and celebrate the immense contribution he has made to the world of contemporary music.
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11 - Walking In The Air
12 - Moon
13 - Night Sky
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15 - The Holly And The Ivy
16 - Troubadour
17 - Variations On The Kanon By Pachelbel
18 - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
19 - Some Children See Him
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21 - Love Song To A Ballerina
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23 - The Snowman's Music Box Dance
24 - Returning
25 - Last Lullaby Here
26 - Stars
27 - Graceful Ghost
28 - Lullaby
29 - Hummingbird
30 - Linus & Lucy
31 - Reflection
32 - Lights In The Sky
33 - Early Morning Range
34 - Treat Street
35 - Remembrance
36 - Forbidden Forest
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38 - February Sea
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