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Stefano Bollani (born 5 December 1972, Milan) is an Italian jazz pianist from Campi bisenzio. Stefano Bollani is an incredibly talented artist whose award-winning musical history spans dozens of best songs and iconic albums. With a career spanning over two decades, Bollani has continued to evolve as an artist. His vast discography has been consistently applauded for its innovation and exploration of different styles of music all over the world. Although widely celebrated for his unique sound, he never ceases to surprise audiences with his unexpected takes on modern music from various genres like jazz, blues, and folk tunes. Constant experimentation with different sounds has made writing the history of Bollani’s music a truly unique experience. Experience has shown that this prolific artist indeed lives up to his reputation ? many of his fans eagerly await the next great work from Stefano Bollani artist!
Discovering Stefano Bollani: An Overview of the Italian Jazz Pianist’s Lifework
When it comes to Italian jazz pianists, Stefano Bollani is an unparalleled musical genius. Born in Milan in 1972, he started playing the piano at the age of six and by the time he was thirty, he already had a successful international career. Bollani is an exceptional musician, a gifted improviser, and a versatile composer whose music blends jazz with classical, pop, and folk elements. In this article, we will delve into his musical biography, his best songs, his music style, famous concerts, and some critical acclaim.
Bollani's musical career started with classical training, but he soon turned to jazz and worked with the best musicians in Italy and Europe. He debuted his solo career in 2003 with the album Piano Solo which showcased his impeccable technique and his ability to make the piano sound like a full orchestra. Some of his most famous tracks from this album include Carioca, Iseo, and Tre Strade. His second album, Småt Småt (2004), featured collaborations with renowned jazz musicians such as Richard Galliano and Hamilton de Holanda, and demonstrated his mastery of different genres. Bollani's latest work, Que Bom (2020), explores connections between Brazilian and Italian music styles and features guest appearances by Caetano Veloso, Chiara Civello and João Bosco.
Bollani is known for his ability to improvise beautifully and to adapt to different styles. He has performed with jazz legends like Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu, as well as pop artists like Pino Daniele. In 2013, he played with Chick Corea at the Umbria Jazz Festival, a memorable collaboration that resulted in a live album titled Orvieto. In 2016, Bollani performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and showed his virtuosity on the piano to a fascinated audience with his vivacious and joyful style.
Bollani's music is characterized by his playful and joyful approach to the piano, always infused with humor and a sense of irony. He is a versatile composer who draws inspiration from a variety of genres and artists, from Bach to the Beatles. In his album Arrivano Gli Alieni (2012), he explores the theme of extraterrestrial life through jazz, funk and psychedelic rock. His latest album Que Bom (2020) fuses Italian and Brazilian music, like the Bossa Nova, with his signature vivacious jazz style.
According to critics, Bollani's music is not only technically brilliant, but also has an emotional depth that leads listeners to unexpected and beautiful places. In his own words, he aims to create music that brings people together and shows them the beauty that can be found in the connection between different people and different cultures.
Stefano Bollani is a rare musical talent who has managed to become one of the most influential and dynamic pianists in the world. He has a unique style that combines humor, improvisation and technical brilliance, and he loves to bring people together through his music. Whether you are a jazz enthusiast or just starting to explore this genre, Bollani's music is worth discovering. With over 20 albums to his name, you will be fascinated by his creativity and musicality.
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2024-07-26 h: 21:30
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Cavea
Rome, Italy
1 - Primo Piano
2 - Luz Negra
3 - Segura Ele
4 - Samba E Amor
5 - Folhas Secas
6 - Antonia
7 - La Sicilia
8 - Impro Ii
9 - Promenade
10 - Impro Iii
11 - Doce De Coco
12 - Valsa Brasileira
13 - Il Domatore Di Pulci
14 - Michelangelo Antonioni
15 - Trem Das Onze
16 - Maple Leaf Rag
17 - Apanhei-te Cavaquinho
18 - Tico Tico No Fubá
19 - Sbucata Da Una Nuvola
20 - That's Amore
21 - Prima O Poi Io E Te Faremo L'amore
22 - Ho Perduto Il Mio Pappagallino
23 - Il Barbone Di Siviglia
24 - Rever Et Reveler


2024-07-26 h: 21:30
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Cavea
Rome, Italy
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