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10 Years

10 Years is an American alternative metal band, formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999.
10 Years Musical Biography: From Indie Rock to Alternative Metal
10 Years is an American rock band formed in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1999. They originally played an indie rock style but have evolved into an alternative metal band. The band consists of lead vocalist Jesse Hasek, guitarist Brian Vodinh, bassist Chad Grennor, and drummer Kyle Mayer.
10 Years began playing gigs in local bars and quickly gained a following. In 2001, they released their first independent album, Into the Half Moon. Four years later, they signed with Universal Records and released their first major-label album, The Autumn Effect. Since then, they have released eight studio albums and have toured extensively in the United States and Europe.
10 Years has been known for their ability to blend different musical genres and produce unique sounds. They started out playing a mix of post-grunge, alternative rock, and indie rock inspired by bands like Lifehouse, Gin Blossoms, and Creed. The Autumn Effect, their debut album under a major label, includes their signature sound full of emotive lyrics, catchy melodies, and guitar-driven rhythms. This album includes some of their biggest hits like Wasteland, Through the Iris, and Fault Line.
Their following albums continued to push boundaries and incorporate different styles. Division, released in 2008, was a departure from their indy rock sound into the world of alternative metal. This album includes two of their most popular hits Beautiful and So Long, Goodbye. Their 2017 album, (How to Live) As Ghosts, is their latest release showcasing an even more diverse musical style with heavy guitar grooves, alternative pop, and hard rock ballads.
Their live performances are also a testament to their talent. Fans have raved about their high-energy shows and the connection they make with the audience. One of their most notable performances was at the Rock on the Range music festival in 2010, where they shared the stage with rock royalty like Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit. They also headlined the 2018 Shiprocked music festival, a heavy metal cruise with an all-star lineup.
10 Years has had its share of criticism. Some critics argue that their music lacks originality or that their lyrics are simplistic. Additionally, some fans have expressed disappointment in the recent changes to their sound or feel that they have strayed too far from their original indy rock style.
Regardless of any criticism, 10 Years has left a mark in the music industry. They have evolved over the years and have shown their versatility in blending different genres to create their unique sound. They have amassed a loyal fan following with their relatable lyrics and high-energy performances. Whether you're a fan of their earlier indie rock music or their later alternative metal style, 10 Years has something for everyone.


Next Concert
2024-05-04 h: 19:00
Copeland Park & Events Center
Madison, US
1 - Wasteland
2 - Fix Me
3 - Shoot It Out
4 - Beautiful
5 - Don't Fight It
6 - Waking Up
7 - Through The Iris
8 - Cast It Out
9 - Fault Line
10 - The Recipe
11 - Prey
12 - Half Life
13 - Russian Roulette
14 - Empires
15 - Dying Youth
16 - Paralyzing Kings
17 - Insects
18 - Seasons to Cycles
19 - Novacaine
20 - The Autumn Effect
21 - Burnout
22 - So Long, Good-bye
23 - Actions & Motives
24 - Just Can't Win
25 - Drug Of Choice
26 - Focus
27 - All Your Lies
28 - Proud Of You
29 - Picture Perfect (in Your Eyes)
30 - Alabama
31 - Don't Fight It
32 - One More Day
33 - Now Is The Time (ravenous)
34 - Chasing The Rapture
35 - The Wicked Ones
36 - Waking Up The Ghost
37 - Silhouette Of A Life
38 - Dead In The Water
39 - Fade Into (the Ocean)
40 - Dancing With The Dead
41 - Backlash
42 - The Shift
43 - Running In Place
44 - Seven
45 - Minus The Machine
46 - 11:00 Am (daydreamer)
47 - Blank Shell
48 - Blood Red Sky
49 - The Unknown
50 - The Optimist
51 - Miscellanea
52 - From Birth To Burial
53 - Waiting


2024-05-04 h: 19:00
Copeland Park & Events Center
Madison, US
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