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Cleopatrick – The Musical Genius behind the Fierce Rock Scene
For music enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for bands that are paving the way for the next generation of rock stars, you need to check out Cleopatrick. This Canadian duo has been taking the world by storm with their groovy music and raw energy. In this article, we'll explore Cleopatrick's musical biography, their best songs, music genre, their top concerts, and what the critics have to say.
Cleopatrick Musical Biography
Cleopatrick is a rock duo from Ontario, Canada consisting of Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser. Gruntz and Fraser met in high school and have been making music together since 2015. They were signed by Canadian record label, Royal Mountain Records, and have since released one studio album and several singles. Their debut album, Bummer, was released in 2020 to rave reviews.
Genre and Best Songs
Cleopatrick falls under the alternative rock genre, with a raw and punk rock vibe. Their music is heavily influenced by bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood. Cleopatrick's music is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, driving basslines, and powerful drumbeats.
Their best songs include Hometown, a chaotic headbanger with a catchy hook, Sanjake, which shows off impressive vocal range and guitar skills, and Good Grief, a hard-hitting track with a considerable dose of hard rock power.
Top Cleopatrick Concerts
Cleopatrick's live shows are a spectacle to behold, with unmatched energy that leaves fans feeling electric. Their shows are characterized by raw sound, energetic stage presence, and crowd interaction that leaves the audience begging for more. Some of their top concerts include performances at the Vans Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits Music Festival.
Critics' Take on Cleopatrick
Cleopatrick has garnered tons of critical acclaim from top music publications, with Pitchfork calling them one of rock's most thrilling new bands. Bummer was praised for its ferocious guitar hooks, introspective lyrics, and dynamic sound. Their music has been lauded for its raw energy and willingness to push boundaries, with critics expressing excitement for the potential of the young rock band.
Cleopatrick has quickly established itself as a genre-bending, talented rock duo that has had a significant impact on the music industry. Their distinctive sound and punk rock vibe have earned them legions of fans around the world and have solidified their reputation as one of the hottest new bands in the rock scene. Whether you've been a fan since their debut or are just discovering their high-octane sound, Cleopatrick is an artist bound for greatness.


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Cleopatrick are a fire in alternative rock! Bursting onto the scene, this unique sound combines elements of both classic and modern rock music. With an electric energy that propels their songs forward, it's hard not to get swept away in the vibes that these creative tunes bring! Their classic style infused with a modern twist makes for an upbeat atmosphere you won't want to miss out on. Get ready to head bang, tap your foot and raise those hands in the air... Because they're bringing alternative rock to a whole other level. Don't wait another second, go check out Cleopatrick's smashing new album now, and embark on a musical journey beside them!

The Musical Biography of Cleopatrick

If you are a big fan of rock music, then you should know the Canadian duo Cleopatrick. The two-piece band is made up of childhood friends Ian Fraser and Luke Gruntz, who have been playing together since their elementary school days. They formed the band Cleopatrick and have since become a sensation in the rock music industry. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the musical biography of Cleopatrick. We will discuss their beginnings, their most famous albums, their most famous songs, and their musical style and influences. So, let's dive into the world of Cleopatrick!


Cleopatrick formed in 2015 when Ian and Luke decided to put their passion for music together. They built a recording studio in a rented house in Cobourg, Ontario, where they started creating their own sound. Their music was heavily influenced by bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood. They quickly gained popularity in their local scene, which led to their first major performance at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival in 2016.

Most Famous Albums:

Cleopatrick released their first EP The Boys in 2018, which was then followed by their debut full-length album Bummer in 2020. Bummer features 11 tracks that showcase Cleopatrick's musical style combining heavy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics. This album also includes some of their famous hits like Hometown and Victoria Park. The album received widespread critical acclaim and established Cleopatrick as one of the top rock acts to watch out for.

Most Famous Songs:

Cleopatrick is known for their energetic live shows, powerful guitar riffs, and catchy tunes. Some of their most famous songs include Hometown, The Depths, and Daphne Did It. Hometown was a massive hit worldwide and helped them gain even more popularity on streaming platforms. The song is a perfect example of Cleopatrick's signature sound, which is a blend of punk rock and heavy metal.

Musical Style and Influences:

Musical Style and Influences:

Cleopatrick's musical style is a mix of punk rock, grunge, and heavy metal. Their sound is characterized by gritty guitars, bass-heavy tracks, and thunderous drums. It is heavily influenced by bands like Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, and Royal Blood. Cleopatrick's music is often referred to as modern-day grunge, a style that combines punk sensibilities with heavy rock music.

Cleopatrick, a Canadian two-piece band, is making waves in the rock music industry with their unique sound and energetic live performances. Their music has been heavily influenced by iconic bands like Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age, which has helped them create a distinctive style that blends punk rock, grunge, and heavy metal. With their debut album Bummer, they have cemented their place as one of the top rock acts to watch out for. Cleopatrick's music is a must-listen if you are a rock music aficionado. No wonder they have already amassed a large following of fans worldwide, and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
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1 - Youth
2 - Sanjake
3 - Daphne Did It
4 - Bernard Trigger
5 - The Depths
6 - Good Grief
7 - Chromeo
8 - Belly Button Blues
9 - The Drake
10 - Friends
11 - Calling It Off
12 - Family Van
13 - Daphne Did It [explicit]
2021: Bummer


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