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When the emptiness devours us. Music is an important form of artistic expression, having the power to stir strong emotion in both listeners and players alike. From romantic ballads to propulsive dance anthems, music allows us to tap into different moods and transport us to special, magical places. But what happens when there's absence of music? What takes its place? Spiritually and atmospherically, it can fill our lives with monotony or a complete void of sound — emotions lining up in single file: boredom, listlessness, lack of motivation. Different cultures have adopted various means for overcoming such musical entropy: singing traditional songs together around the campfire in some tribes; organizing regular musicales in Renaissance Europe and playing contemporary pop records everywhere in between. Music brings moments of joy while still allowing humans to experience profound depths within wonderful echoes of transcendence far exceeding its absence.
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My planner is broken. When I check my mail, I find no one. I peek out from behind the front door and wait for the bus so I can count the passers-by. As usual, a man is speaking on the phone with his mistress, they’re comforting each other, they cannot stay together as they wish. I get back inside my house, sit at my desk and watch myself reflected in the mute display of a switched-off computer. Today, I’m letting insects stroll all over me.
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