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2 steps, those that separate you from the brink of hell and the ballroom, and you fall into the trap never to escape. 2step music is an English genre of the 90s, also known with the name of 2step garage. From London dj used synthetizers, samplers and sequencer to power the regular four on the floor beat. IN this playlist you can find the songs of this genre, with famous djs like Artful Dodger, Dub War and Craig David. Are you ready to take your music experience to the next level? 2step is an infectious electronic genre that never fails to get the crowd moving. With its hypnotic rhythms, it'll sweep you off of your feet. Head bumps abound and lyrical flows throb. Get your bustin' move on! Pump up the volume, fire up those speakers, and immerse yourself in this vibrant fusion of beats and harmonics! Let 2step carry you away on a sonic journey into euphoria. 2step is an English music genre of electronic music, a subgenre of UK garage. Click and check the best songs of this 90s musical genre.

2Step: The Infectious Electronic Genre that Sweeps You Off Your Feet
Have you ever experienced dancing to a beat that just makes you want to move your feet non-stop? That’s the kind of vibe that 2Step music brings. 2Step is an English genre of electronic music that originated in the 90s, also known as 2Step garage. London DJs used synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers to power up the regular four on the floor beat, creating a distinct rhythm that has made its mark within the music industry. In this playlist, you can find the best songs of this genre, with famous DJs like Artful Dodger, Dub War, and Craig David that will surely take your music experience to the next level.
Hypnotic Rhythms
In 2Step music, the hypnotic rhythms are what sets it apart from other electronic music genres. The beat is intricate, with a shuffle that will make your feet move in no time. The catchy hooks, vocal chops, and melodic lines fuse perfectly with the rhythm, giving it a unique sound that pleases the ears. The beats are contagious, and they’ll make you groove even if you’ve never danced before. Experience the magical power of 2Step music and let the beats guide your every move.
A Journey to Euphoria
2Step music is more than just a beat. It's a journey too, and it will take you to euphoria, a state of intense happiness. The feeling of being carried away on a sonic journey of harmonics and beats is incredible. Whether you’re in the club or listening to your playlist on your headphones, 2Step music never fails to take you on an emotional ride. You'll feel the energy flowing through your veins and the music taking over your soul.
Head Bumps Abound
This infectious electronic genre is not all about rhythm and melody; it's also about the bass. 2Step music has a distinct bassline that resonates with your body, making you feel every beat. It's a sound that will give you head bumps and make you want to move your body. The wobbly bass sound is unique to the genre, and it has become a standard that many artists incorporate into their music. Get ready to feel the bass and let it take you on a ride.
Lyrical Flows Throb
Lyrical Flows Throb
Apart from the infectious beats and basslines, 2Step music also has an abundance of lyrical flows that will get you moving. The mix of electronic sounds and soulful R&B vocals just creates the perfect balance. The lyrics can be both emotional and playful, making it an excellent genre for both dancing and listening. You'll sing along to the lyrics, and before you know it, you'll be dancing to the beat.
In conclusion, 2Step music is a genre that demands to be experienced. It's an infectious electronic genre that is filled with hypnotic rhythms, head bumps, and lyrical flows that will sweep you off your feet. The journey to euphoria that 2Step music takes you on is nothing short of spectacular. With its distinct sound and style, it has become a standard in the UK garage and electronic music scene. We hope you enjoyed this playlist and let the 2Step take you on a magical journey of beats and harmonics.

An overview of 2-step Garage music

2-step garage is an electronic music genre and subgenre of UK garage. The drum beat of 2-step garage is unique and distinctive, a syncopated rhythm that just keeps you there. This music genre involves the use of synthesizer, guitar, piano and of course drum machines. The music originated in London, towards the end of the 1990s and reached the heights of mainstream success during the same decade, with collaborating artists such as Artful Dodger and Craig David who wrote the famous song Re-Rewind. However, with beginning of the 2000s, 2-step garage music suffered a downfall, while various artists such as Zed Bias, Wookie released some tracks, which were something different from the traditional musical genre. After the release of these tracks, people started referring to 2-step garage as black garage. The famous artists of 2-step garage are:

Zed Bias:
Zed Bias real name is Dave Jones, an artist that both produced 2-step and UK garage.

Todd Edwards:
Todd Edwards is an hypnotic singer from New Jersey, US. He started his music career in 1992, releasing songs like Deeper, You Are Sorry, Mercury Rising, I Might Be, Saved My Life, Never Far From You.

Ghostek is a garage musician. His music style is much unique and quite different from the other garage musicians. His music leads the listeners deep into the lyrics.

Volor Flex:
Volor Flex is a Russian electronic musician, whose, famous work of singer include records like Unlit, My Story, Tramp, Sabo, Days End, Exhale, Blowing Smoke, Contact, Invasion, Tent Street, Into Deep.

High plains drifter:
High plains drifter a garage music band from Australia. The famous work of band includes Heaven on your minds, outstanding in their field, megacity seasons, crossfades vol.1 etc.

So solid crew:
So solid crew is the UK grime act founded in 1998 England, Uk. The act includes 13 members. They don’t know, 2nd verse, second verse, since you went away, broken silence, more less more soul, London UK garage mafia, ride wid us etc.

Noodles band from japan originated in 1991. Four girls joined to form the band. The famous work of band includes long long chain, our first noodles, fuzz hills, fun time, 6 colors, love my life, boosters, the gravity thief, break free, I am not chic, dirty soul.

Slaughter mob:
Slaughter mob the Uk garage band formed by silver fox. The famous work of band includes under the radar, walk of the wicked, saddam, space cruiser, bulla cake, shandolley and grime.

Ben west beech:
Ben west beech the garage musician from England born on 12 May 1981. His occupations are singer, producer and DJ. His prominent work includes there mores to life than this, falling, so good today etc.
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