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The very best of drone doom metal

A selection of the best drone doom metal artists. If you're searching for exceptional drone doom metal, your search stops here. We've gathered the ultimate list of drone doom metal artists to fill your world with deepful sounds and hypnotic melodies. Feel your worries wash away as you connect to peaceful vibrations pulsing from the atmospherically charged tones in their creations. Enjoy classic gods Opeth to hauntress Chelsea Wolfe or endlessly churning inspiration like Oranssi Pazuzu and Vasaeleth. Let us tantalize your ears with the sound of unforgettable raw strength and emotional confrontations courtesy of SubRosa, Earth or Mushinnashu. Whether folk rustic pop airiness of Druids or Madder Mortem's inventive pallet, these widely celebrated names have something creative bridges different people around the globe together to calm inner battles. From experimental legends Boris and Belzebong to oldsculsists Bongripper no genre enthusiast can object these heavyweights hauntingly sublime journey..
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Öxxö Xööx - T?r
2-Öxxö Xööx - Ct?n?ph?r
3-Monarch - Transylvanian Incantations
4-Öxxö Xööx - L?n
5-Greymachine - We Are All Fucking Liars (version)