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The very best of italian classic

A selection of the best italian classic artists. Discover the classic sounds of Italy and its greatest artists. Get to know the distinct rhythms of classic Italian music, crafted this century and by influentials of antiquity. Explore the melodically familiar offerings passing centuries over, as well as masterworks highlighting treasured compositions unique to this special culture. Hear classics created by a past array of luminary composers and performers including such cultured names as Verdi, Vivaldi, and Puccini among others holding their place in operatic hall of fame. Join the likes of many steps forward on highways through the land, choose to relish while leafing through A selection of the best italian classic artists which grants an anthology from vibrant history bases tucked away on grooves and ancient messages.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Alessandra Amoroso - La Stessa
2-Loredana Berte - In Alto Mare
3-Loredana Berte - Il Mare D'inverno
4-Nina Zilli - L'amore è Femmina
5-Ultimo - Pianeti