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Post punk

Demilitarized punk, a less violent, diluted with electronic sounds and synthetic distortions. From the 1980s onwards, Post Punk music took form in many different variations, from eclectic basslines and guitar riffs to chaotic expressions of nihilism and despair. With an emerging presence of angst and experimentation dominating early production, it fractured the scene in distinct subsections of genres that occurred almost simultaneously offer something unique for everyone to enjoy. Legendary acts such as Joy Division and The Cure continued to progress their primal tempos via haunting mŽlanges of minimal wave disco and art punk. While krautrock and experimental motoric rock altered modern valents with stark psychological images using driving Kraftwerklike rhythms levels. Dub filled drudgery cliques deepened while soaring dreamscapes pulled dark notions of jazz into goth territories. Growing up scrunched between genres showed no limitsÑteardrop singing suppressed images clashed with characters glassed in darkness tracking lost thoughtÐforward thinking beats blasted realms into untapped fever dreams hoping on innovative waves one final time could ye fetch respite? Such contemplative music entralled us all throughout the grunged up decadence to celebrate enlightened age protest suggesting valid Hope was alive again Ñ Post punk digging savage clawsÉ Wrapping isolated progress around a propulsive centerÐ songwriters reinvested how words were heard marrying musical theatrical homage before diving layer by sublimely towards ever expanding depths coaxing rich secrets for resonating pleasure worthy of our awe. Post punk is an experim