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Gang Of Four

Gang of Four are an English post-punk group from Leeds. The original members were singer Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bass guitarist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham. Ah, the Gang of Four! Some of the greatest tunes of all time came straight from this awesome musical team. From the heartfelt melodies of their punkish anthems to the idiosyncratic beats behind their jazzy arrangements, these masterful musicians had something to offer everyone. Their discography was unlike anything else before it and sure to get your toes tapping and feet dancing. With hits like "Natural's Not In It" and "To Hell With Poverty!", fans simply couldn't resist soaking up all the catchy tunes of this intriguing group. Let’s face it, anybody who took one listen knew they were experiencing something special with Gang of Four’s songs and music.


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2023-09-30 h: 18:00
O2 Academy Leeds
Leeds, UK

Why Gang Of Four Is Underrated And Why They Deserve More Recognition

Gang of Four is widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers of post-punk, but their influence and creativity have not always been given the credit they deserve. Over the course of four acclaimed studio albums, Gang Of Four crafted a unique brand of rebellious innovative music that has stood up to scrutiny in both its formative years and continues to do so today. While seen by some as an overlooked band, Gang Of Four deserves praise for multiple reasons: from their creative approach to musical production - blending funk and dub elements with guitars which highlighted astute political lyrics - right through to their championing DIY ethics throughout. This blog post will look at why they’re underrated before focusing on what makes them noteworthy now, more than 40 years after forming in 1976.

In the world of music, there are some bands that are widely recognized for their contribution to the genre they represent. However, there are some bands that have been overlooked despite their innovation and creativity. One of these bands is Gang Of Four, a post-punk group formed in 1976. Although they are widely acknowledged as pioneers, their influence and creativity are not getting the credit they deserve. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at why Gang Of Four is underrated, and why they deserve more recognition.

Gang Of Four was unique in their approach to musical production. Rather than adopting the traditional rock formula, they blended funk and dub elements with guitars, creating a distinctive sound that was all their own. This combination was further heightened by their astute political lyrics, which set them apart from their contemporaries. It was an innovative approach that still stands up today and deserves praise.

One of the band's most notable aspects was their championing of DIY ethics. They recorded and produced their music themselves, often on shoestring budgets. This approach not only gave them greater creative control but also helped shape the ethos of punk in the UK and beyond.

Despite their significant influence on punk and post-punk music, Gang Of Four's creativity has not been fully recognized. Their innovation is often overshadowed by the more glamorous bands of the era, such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols. This oversight does them a disservice, as they were equally important in shaping the sound of the day.

The band's influence can be heard in numerous contemporary artists' work who undoubtedly took inspiration from the DIY ethos and blend of genres and political lyrics in their music. In recent years, a new wave of musicians has emerged who are embracing Gang Of Four's musical style and attitude. The music press's focus on these artists is slowly bringing awareness of Gang Of Four's pioneering and innovative music to a new generation of music fans.

Gang Of Four's contribution to punk, post-punk, and music, in general, cannot be understated. Their innovative approach to music production, astute political commentary expressed in their lyrics, and championing of DIY ethics make them a band that deserves more recognition and praise. Although they have been overlooked for years, thanks to their musical heirs, Gang Of Four's influence and innovation now continue to evoke a profound impact on music more than 40 years after their formation. The continued appreciation of their music, often by musicians decades younger, assures their important legacy.
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1 - Love Like Anthrax
2 - Damaged Goods
3 - At Home, He's A Tourist
4 - It's Her Factory
5 - Natural's Not In It
6 - Ether
7 - Not Great Men
8 - I Found That Essence Rare
9 - Return the Gift
10 - Guns Before Butter
11 - Glass
12 - Contract
13 - Anthrax
14 - 5.45
15 - What We All Want
16 - To Hell With Poverty
17 - Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time
18 - He'd Send In The Army
19 - Paralysed
20 - Cheeseburger
21 - I Love A Man In Uniform
22 - I Love A Man In A Uniform
23 - Why Theory?
24 - A Hole In The Wallet
25 - We Live As We Dream, Alone
26 - To Hell With Poverty!
27 - If I Could Keep It For Myself
28 - Call Me Up
29 - The Republic
30 - In The Ditch
31 - Armalite Rifle
32 - Capital (it Fails Us Now)
33 - I Will Be A Good Boy
34 - The History Of The World
35 - What We All Want (live)
36 - Damaged Goods - Remastered
37 - Is It Love
38 - It Is Not Enough
39 - Muscle For Brains
40 - Life! It's A Shame
41 - Of The Instant
42 - History's Bunk!
43 - Cheeseburger (live)
44 - Who Am I?
45 - You'll Never Pay For The Farm
46 - Where The Nightingale Sings


2023-09-30 h: 18:00
O2 Academy Leeds
Leeds, UK
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La Belle Angèle
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