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Garage punk

Dark black cars race quickly through the streets, as coarse guitars fill the night air. Independent spirits, free roaming, with no desire for complex concepts. There's nothing quite like the sound of garage punk music. It combines all of the elements of classic punk, mixed with scraps and scratches of old rock 'n' roll tropes, crunchy guitar riffs, and infectious rhythms that make you want to get off your feet and dance. Hear the roar of heavy drums, and thick haunting bass Ñ those percussive lines ringing loudly in the backdrop. And on top it all there are those vintage vocals daubed with lo-fi distortion Ñ a storytelling voice drawled over an unmistakably unique sonic landscape that takes your breath away. If you're looking for something raw and organic, this is it. Garage punk is a modern punk rock genre, influenced by 1960s punk rock bands. It does not emulate old punk rock bands but tries to create its rebel music produced by independent labels.