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Raw and simple, direct, gritty guitar, quick drums, raw and unkempt sounds and voices delivering anarchic messages. High and colorful mohawks rebelling against the system. Do you ever pump up your day with the tunes of classic Punk music? Have you ever heard those blasting guitars, energetic drumming and that wild vocal vibe that can be found nowhere else but in punk music? What about the Anarcho-punk scene where politically energized lyrics come together to create an edgy soundscape of social disparity? By listening to punk music, there is so much one can take from it as stories of alienation and defiance gets retold each time a song plays. It's a musical genre that embraces elements such as attitude, anarchy and raw energy which captures your ear. Punk rock or punk music is a music genre that developed in USA, UK and Australia in the 1970s. It has fast songs, political themes, simple instrumentation and an anti-establishment attitude.