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Artist: Afro Man Album: The Good Times

Year: 2001
Duration: 57:48

Afro Man's The Good Times: A

Afro Man, also known as Joseph Foreman, is an American rapper who rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s. His music has always been a mix of comedy and social commentary, often centered around the use of marijuana. In 2001, he released his album, The Good Times. Today, we'll take a deep dive into this album, discussing its genre, history, best songs, innovative parts, and criticisms.

Genre and History

The Good Times is a hip hop album that also incorporates elements of funk and rock. It was released in 2001 by Universal Records and was Afro Man's second studio album.
Afro Man's music and lyrics are heavily influenced by his experiences growing up in California during the 80s and 90s. He often raps about the drug culture of his time, particularly the use of marijuana. The Good Times is no exception. This album features songs like Because I Got High and Let's Get High Tonight that tend to glorify the usage of marijuana.

Best Songs

Besides the aforementioned Because I Got High and Let's Get High Tonight, other standout tracks on The Good Times include Drive Better Drunk, Palmdale, and Hush. Palmdale is particularly interesting as it discusses the struggles of growing up in Palmdale, California, and the influence of music and drugs in coping with those struggles.

Most Innovative Parts

The Good Times isn't particularly innovative in terms of its production or musical elements. However, what makes the album interesting is the way Afro Man mixes humor with commentary. Although some may see his commentary on drugs as promoting drug use, it's clear that his intention is to bring to light the realities of drug culture and the struggles that come with it.


It's difficult to discuss The Good Times without mentioning its problematic nature. While Afro Man has always been known for his humorous take on social issues, his approach towards drugs and women can be seen as sexist and insensitive. For instance, a song like Colt 45 objectifies women and perpetuates a toxic masculinity culture. Additionally, songs about drug use may not be suitable for all age demographics or those in recovery.
In conclusion, The Good Times by Afro Man is an interesting album indicative of its time. Its mix of humor and commentary on drug culture was popular at the time of release. However, listening to it with a critical ear brings up important conversations surrounding sexism and drug culture. That being said, for those who appreciate contextualizing albums for their historical moment and finding connection and enjoyment, The Good Times is definitely an album worth exploring.