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The very best of post metal

A selection of the best post metal artists. Are you looking for the ultimate post metal experience? Search no further! Here is a selection of the best post metal artists. From tenured veterans of the genre to modern innovators, weÕve hand-selected our favorite standout acts from this dynamic sonic territory. So put on your headgear and get ready for some serious oscillations Ð these artists have come together converge bring hard truths and musical prowess in this penetrating sound expedition. DonÕt miss out on a chance to discover characters inspired by personal struggles or attempting to make sense of their environment. Immerse yourself in their ruminative stories as they spin you through sonic pretzels and eclectic choruses of guttural swells, thatÕs simply unavoidable when dealing with 5+, 6+ independent heavy opinions uniting into heightened bliss or an immersive abyss; like portico fabrics draped in trance wakings.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Rishloo - Omega
2-Rishloo - Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun
3-Rishloo - River of Glass
4-Arch Enemy - I Will Live Again
5-Arch Enemy - Mechanic God Creation