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Artist: Big Joe Turner Album: The Blues Boss

Year: 1990
Duration: 44:20

A of the Album The Blues Boss by Big Joe Turner

When it comes to authentic blues music, few artists can compare to Big Joe Turner. With his rough and gritty voice, he has been credited as one of the pioneers of rock & roll and R&B music. In this post, we will dive into his album The Blues Boss and explore every aspect of it. From a brief history of Big Joe Turner's career to the most innovative parts of the album, we will cover it all. So, whether you're a die-hard blues fan or a newcomer to the genre, this review is for you.
Big Joe Turner's career started way back in the 1930s, playing with various bands and jazz musicians. However, he first gained national attention with his 1954 hit song Shake, Rattle and Roll, which became a rock & roll anthem and solidified his status as a music legend. Four years later, Turner released The Blues Boss, an album that showcases his unique singing style and excellent songwriting skills.
The album features some classic blues tracks such as Stormy Monday Blues, Low Down Dog, and Since I Fell For You. These songs are a testament to Turner's ability to bring authentic emotion to his music and make his listeners feel every word he sings. They are a true representation of the blues genre and what it stands for.
However, what makes The Blues Boss stand out is the innovative parts of the album, such as the use of a big band in Red Sails In The Sunset. It's a refreshing and unexpected addition to the album. Moreover, Turner's duet with the legendary blues guitarist T-Bone Walker on T-Bone Shuffle is a musical match made in heaven. The way their voices and guitar solos blend together is nothing short of breathtaking.
As much as we praise this album, we can't ignore the critic it has received over the years. Some believe that the production of the album could have been better, and some songs lack the spark that Turner usually brings to his performances. Nevertheless, The Blues Boss still stands as a remarkable piece of music that every blues fan should add to their collection.
In conclusion, The Blues Boss by Big Joe Turner is a must-listen musical journey for anyone who enjoys music with soul and heart. It's a perfect representation of the blues genre, and Turner's talent as a musician and songwriter will leave you in awe. Although it's not a flawless album, it still manages to capture the magic of the blues and Turner's unique style. If you're new to the genre, give it a try, and you won't be disappointed.