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Artist: Biohazard Album: State of the World Address

Year: 1994
Duration: 57:39

A of Biohazard’s State of the World Address Album

Biohazard is a hardcore punk and heavy metal band from Brooklyn, New York. The four-man band is known for their unique blend of styles, which includes elements of punk, metal, rap, and hardcore. With over 11 albums released since their formation in 1987, Biohazard has gained a dedicated fan base that looks forward to their every release.
In this post, we’ll be taking a of Biohazard's State of the World Address Album. We’ll be examining the artist, the music genre of the album, the standout songs, the most innovative parts, and giving an overall critique of the album. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding of what makes Biohazard’s music so distinctive.
State of the World Address is Biohazard’s fourth studio album. It was released on May 24, 1994, by Warner Bros. Records. The album is known for its socially conscious themes and politically charged lyrics. It showcases the band's ability to fuse various music genres to create a unique sound that’s raw, powerful, and unrelenting.
One of the standout songs on the album is How It Is. The track features a mix of heavy riffs, hardcore shout-alongs, and rap-style vocal delivery from Billy Graziadei. The song addresses the day-to-day struggles of those living in the inner city, from poverty to police brutality. The track’s gripping production and socially conscious lyrics make it a highlight of the album.
Another standout song on the album is Five Blocks to the Subway. It starts off with a slow, melodic guitar intro before transitioning into a fast-paced, punk-style riff. The track’s lyrics address the monotony of everyday life and the struggle to escape the daily grind. The song’s catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics make it a hidden gem of the album.
One of the most exciting parts of State of the World Address is the band's ability to fuse multiple genres seamlessly. From hardcore punk to heavy metal and hip-hop, the album features a mix of different styles that create a unique sound. Biohazard has always been known for their ability to blend different musical styles, and this album is proof of that.
However, not every part of the album is perfect. The track Breakdown seems to be out of place on the album. It features vocals from guest artist, Cypress Hill's Sen Dog, which creates a disjointed sound and removes the listener from the overall cohesiveness of the album. While the song itself is good, it doesn't work well within the context of the album.
In conclusion, Biohazard’s State of the World Address Album is an innovative and unique blend of several music genres. The album showcases the band's talent to create socially conscious anthems that are loud, raw, and memorable. There are several standout tracks like How It Is and Five Blocks to the Subway, which showcase the band's ability to create meaningful music that’s catchy and heartwarming.
Overall, State of the World Address is a fine addition to the already impressive discography of Biohazard. While there may be a few missteps on the album like Breakdown, the album is still a solid listen for fans of punk, hardcore, and metal genres. If you want to experience the raw energy and emotion of Biohazard, then State of the World Address is an excellent place to start.